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Reliability of the Latest Royal Rife Machines

Reliability of the Latest Royal Rife Machines

Royal Rife machines have traditionally used glass gas filled tubes as the light source. This makes them large, cumbersome to transport and very expensive for private use. They are far better suited to clinical use where they are not moved around.

A royal rife machine also needs an operator who is experienced in the use of audio frequency generators to ensure that the correct Rife frequency is selected. It also meant having long frequency lists to hand and the operator needing to be present throughout the treatment to change frequencies every few minutes. Some manufacturers have been using a personal computer to run royal rife machines to solve this problem, but this makes them even less portable.

Rife tubes eventually give up the ghost and need replacement. To make matters worse, the new tube will usually require the tuner to be readjusted at the factory, and thus are not changeable by the user. When tubes wear out and fail to strike, the power amplifier becomes overloaded with excessive voltage and will sometimes fail, thus, causing more expense.

The latest royal rife machine is are bold rethink of the traditional ones. It uses a bank of forty high brightness Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as the light source. These have many advantages over the gas filled tube which include;

  • Very lightweight, and portable, as there is no fragile glass tube to break.
  • No skilled operator is necessary, as the treatment frequencies are pre-recorded on a CD.
  • All of the light is delivered in the direction of the patient, not all over the room, so the frequencies are targeted to where they are needed, providing a more effective device. This has the added benefit that much less power (6 watts), is used by the royal rife machine than for a standard 100 watts, a cost saving including the saving on ‘wear-and-tear’.
  • Deep skin penetration guarantees that frequencies reach deep into target tissues. The bright red color of the emitted light can be seen to pass right through much of the hand when viewed in a darkened room.
  • The response time for the LEDs to both the radio and Rife frequencies is for all intensive. To compare, the tube has an off to on time of about a microsecond, whereas the LEDs are about seventy times faster. This means that the light is much closer to the ideal ON or OFF state, thus, making the light itself closer to mimicking the composite ‘square wave’ driving it. This is something that Dr Rife was trying to achieve. The latest royal rife machines have succeeded on improving original machine.

The Royal Rife machine was developed in 1930s by Dr. Raymond Royal Rife who discovered that electromagnetic frequencies could be used to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites without damaging any of the surrounding healthy tissues.

The Royal Rife machines of today are originally based on the work of Dr. Royal Rife. These machines transmit an electro-magnetic frequency that is capable of killing all bacteria, viruses and pathogens without damaging the surrounding tissues. Many are being used today worldwide. The most advanced machines are still based on the same technology nowadays, but some have been improved with other things as well. Among one the most notable machines of today is F-117 rife machine.

Characteristics of F-117

The newer machines have amazing capabilities far beyond what Rife originally created. The F-117 is a machine of this type. This system is the only one in the world that has been incorporated into the scanning capabilities.

This system also has the GRS or Galvanic Resonant scanner, which is designed to pick up the frequencies in a session that may be the one producing the results, as well as being able to indicate the need to extend a session or not, or to repeat a session. When combined with the new 3.0.29 software, the F-117 machine will also replicate biofeedback devices. The other advantage of this machine is that the programs that previously took 45 minutes now takes only 15 minutes.

Foot Plate

The matrix foot plate energy enclosure leaves the body by taking advantage of it and then reflects it back, creating a secondary impact energy field. This in turn dramatically increases the body’s conductivity, which results in an amplification of the Rife frequency used and allow shorter sessions with greater impact.


The function of this new and improved Rife machine is to eradicate any disease a person has. The machines are also designed to increase the choice of disease frequency, shorten the length of time for each session and increase the effectiveness of each session.

Benefits of F-117

The benefits of using Rife machines and any new technology in the field of energy medicine is enormous. By choosing to see a practitioner who makes use of Rife machines, or you can buy your own unit of rife machines for home use to heal the diseases at the comfort of your home. By using a Rife machine for a specific disease, a person can be cured of that disease.


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