Rhinoplasty – One of the Most Demanded Plastic Surgeries

Rhinoplasty – One of the Most Demanded Plastic Surgeries

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is used to decrease or increase the size of the nose, to modify its shape or to improve some disorders of air obstruction in the nose.

The nose is a structure that consists of cartilage and bone both in its external structure and in the septum, and its internal structure separates the two nostrils. The growth of the nose is subject to the individual genetic program but it is modified by traumas, scars or systemic alterations such as allergies or infections or leprosy. Its external form is very different between the individuals given by the ethnic biotype of each person making the Asian or African ethnicity have a nose of very different characteristics to the Caucasian ones. Within the same individual, there are asymmetries which cause one nostril to be rounder or larger than the other.

It is also important to consider that the nose is the central element in the face. For this reason, on the one hand, it modifies the appearance of the whole face, on the other hand, it must be in harmony with the other elements of the face. Therefore, it is necessary to study not only the nose but its relation with the region of the maxilla as well like jaw and chin.

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are those who understand their biotype and seek to improve their appearance without demanding perfection or alter their ethnic appearance. It is important to understand that if the skin of the nasal tip is thick, this can be improved but it cannot be done extremely thin without injury and greater damages.

Before surgery, the evaluation parameters depend on the ethnic characteristics of the patient. Thus, your plastic surgeon Tampa Bay should examine the projection of the nose on the back and tip, if there are deviations, if the septum is in position or there is alteration of the air column in the nose. The plastic surgeon will also evaluate your nose and the relationship with your face from the point of view of the proportions to find the size and the relation with the upper jaw or with the jaw and the chin.

Before deciding to do this surgery, think carefully about the expectations you have and discuss them with your plastic surgeon Tampa Bay as there are structural and skin characteristics that are unique to each individual and that no surgery will modify, your plastic surgeon Tampa Bay will guide you about the best option, alternatives, limitations, risks and care you must have.


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