Routine of Kelly Brook to Stay in Her Perfect Figure

Routine of Kelly Brook to Stay in Her Perfect Figure

The University of Texas states that Kelly Brook has the perfect measurements. With her 1.68 cm height, measures of the British model and actress Kelly Brook are 99-63-91. Perfect according to a study by the University of Texas and stresses that the thinness of other fellow profession does not correspond with the image of a healthy and beautiful woman.

The scientists took into account her height, measurements, age, measurements of her face, nose, lips, legs, back, neck, bust, waist and hips. After analyzing all these aspects, they concluded that his body was harmonious and natural.

Another research by the University of Newcastle, it was also noted that the model fits the ‘perfect body’ chosen by several respondents volunteers. However, the same study conducted in 2012 also warned that respondents tended to choose models with a Body Mass Index scratching around 19, a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9.

The young model, whose photos on Instagram unleashed passions, has stated on several occasions that she is proud of her curves that have nothing to do with the course of canon of beauty to which we are accustomed.

It is this the beginning of a new stage in which it is no longer to pursue a skeletal body but be healthy. We hope so that her example works for thousands of teenagers to imitate this muse who are obsessed with being thin and expose to suffer such serious problems like anorexia.

In fact, it seems that 2014 has marked a turnaround and is preferred to the more voluptuous and curvy women.

How does Kelly Brook take care of her perfect figure?

What Kelly Brook does to stay with this body is considered perfect. Her secret is simple ‘eat right and exercise’. Like Gisele Bündchen, she does not stay away from any of healthy foods, but avoids junk foods at all costs.

Kelly doesn’t trust in the miracle or quick diets and hates starving and for a time she considered the macrobiotic diet because it seemed healthier. However, she resulted in some extra pounds and left to return to her usual plan which is not to despise any food and opt for those healthier.

Kelly Brook Diet

Let’s see what Kelly’s his daily menu is;

  • In breakfast, she has porridge, boiled eggs, tea or coffee.
  • For lunch, Kelly has oily fish, sushi and mixed vegetables.
  • She does not usually eat between meals since the food she eats at mealtimes leave her satisfied for longer hours. Therefore, she likes to carry fruit, crackers, peanuts, almonds and other healthy nuts if she feels like eating.

Kelly’s Workout

Exercise is also a part of the routine of Kelly Brook. Presumed to be fully fit and able to perform all kinds of outdoor activities, she practices running, swimming, cycling and hiking.

According to several publications, with her personal trainer Adam Ernster, known for working with several celebrities, she also practices boxing, aerobics and rope in gym. The work of flexibility is one of the strengths of this model of perfect beauty. Kelly Brook has also been a dancer for over ten years.

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