Should I Get a Rocking Bassinet for My Baby?

Should I Get a Rocking Bassinet for My Baby?

It seems like common sense to say ‘Yeah, of course!’ I mean why not. The ability to rock will put my baby asleep with ease. While this may be thoughts going through every parents’ mind, I would advise against getting one that rocks back and forth. First of all, it can turn an innocent and calm situation into a possibly catastrophic and deadly one.

If your baby learns to move or roll around a bit like he/she would eventually, there is a possibility that your baby can tilt to the side. This is bad because the baby’s face will be pressed against the side. In this position, your baby cannot breathe and will suffocate.

If you do have one already or decide to get one, make sure that there is a locking mechanism, so that when you take a nap or leave the room to eat, your baby will be safe.

Two of the most common rocking bassinets that are available are manual and auto-rocking. The auto-rocking bassinet sounds nice, since you can read your book or watch your novellas while your baby sleeps thinking mommy or daddy moving him/her. It provides a steady rocking motion with a flip of a switch giving parents rest. It depends on you and what you feel is best. Both types provide a gentle, soothing and relaxation motion that babies need. There are three more additional things that you need to look for to ensure your baby’s safety.

  1. A locking mechanism, so that the baby will not be able to move around.
  2. Check to see if the product is made well. It could easily tip over if pets are roaming around the house. Also some people to make a quick buck will sell you knock off versions.
  3. An off and on switch

A rocking bassinet has its ups and downs like everything does. However, let’s not forget that a rocking bassinet is helpful for mothers that have had a caesarian section.

It is difficult for mothers as they need to rest and heal. A rocking bassinet gives them the ability to relax and keep the baby sleeping. It is also convenient for parents with physical limitations.

There are certain features that make the best bassinet which are convenient for the parents. Such features are a storage basket added beneath the bassinet. The basket makes it convenient to keep diapers, toys, blankets and even powdered milk if you choose to. Some bassinets have a musical feature. This I highly recommend as when your child cries, you just play a lullaby and rock your baby to sleep.

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