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Should I Get HID Headlights or HID Conversion Kits?

Should I Get HID Headlights or HID Conversion Kits?

Well, if you are asking us, then of course! However, most people hesitate in getting HID conversion kits, since they are more expensive. If you want to acquire the best headlights today then HID headlights are the way to go, simply due to the fact that ordinary halogen bulbs can’t stand up to the performance levels of HID bulbs.

Drivers who have installed HID headlights in their vehicles have enjoyed better car performance and are less likely to get involved in any major accidents today. The reason behind that, lies in the fact that HID light is more intense and sharper, thereby promoting greater focus on the road and a smoother drive even in adverse weather conditions. If you don’t believe that is the case then here is a look at some of the factors that make night time driving an absolute nuisance for drivers:

  • Overstimulation
  • Loss of important information
  • Visual acuity is reduced at night
  • Tiredness
  • Powers of vision are diminished

HID headlights help provide the solution to these problems and more, since they allow greater convenience and comfort when driving at night.

Important Stats about HID Headlights and HID Conversion Kits

If you need any more reason to justify why HID headlights and conversion kits are the best solution for you then have a look at these incredible statistics. Emnid is a research institute that is renowned around the world and it conducted a survey on drivers who installed HID conversion kits and headlights on their vehicles. The results revealed the following:

  • 85% of drivers felt safer driving at night.
  • 94% of drivers gave a positive review on HID conversion kits.
  • 80% of drivers revealed better vision when driving in rain.
  • 83% of drivers would purchase their next car with pre-installed HID headlights.

The statistics reveal what most industry experts have been saying for quite some time. HID headlights are incredibly beneficial and should be installed in every car. This would lower the number of accidents significantly and also allow you to enjoy greater fuel efficiency in your car as well. Many people had the opinion that HID headlights are a luxury item that is only good for improving the visual aspects of your vehicle. That train of thought is changing now and even though the majority of car drivers are driving with halogen headlights, that figure is set to change in the near future. Before you decide to buy this useful product, read some HID conversion kit reviews.

These days, going by the trend it seems that every driver is shifting towards xenon headlights. It is the latest craze that is doing the rounds in the car modification industry and installing HID conversion kits with xenon headlights is deemed to be the standard today. The xenon lights are filled with xenon gas which creates a far brighter light in the bulb, and often provides various different color shades, which is due to the temperature of the headlight bulb.

Even car manufacturers have shifted towards this latest phenomenon with all the latest models coming out with HID xenon headlights. Now the standard halogen headlights, seem to have been cast aside, and are now outdated as the era of xenon headlights kicks into gear. The reason behind that theory is simple really; xenon headlights not only provide greater vision, but also have a far longer service life and are more energy efficient as well. They are also extremely useful in adverse weather conditions, such as fog, heavy rain or snowfall.

There is a lot of variety in terms of xenon headlights as well, which usually depends on the overall compatibility with the vehicle. It is advised that you should consult a car professional before installing HID xenon headlights on your vehicle and checkup on the state rules and requirements for HID kits in your area, since that you could land you a hefty fine and points deduction on your driver’s license as well. If you feel that you are complying with all the rules and regulations regarding xenon headlights in your state, then here is what you should do in order to purchase a xenon bulb today.

Purchasing a Xenon Bulb


In order to purchase a xenon bulb for your car’s headlight, the first thing that you should check is the warranty on your xenon headlight. The best HID conversion kit comes with full warranty on all their products and you need to acquire a bulb that provides you with the maximum warranty period for the xenon bulb.

Color & Compatibility

The next thing to consider would be the exact color of the xenon bulb you want to get for your car’s headlight. The temperature of the light bulb counts for a lot when you are making that decision, since you need to need check the compatibility of the xenon bulb with your car. Check the whole wiring system of your car before you decide to purchase the bulb, since any faulty wiring or sockets can cause your bulb to malfunction.

State Laws & Bulb Color

It is important to note that different states have their own laws regarding HID conversion kits and xenon headlights. You will have to double check with the state regulators in your area regarding the safety rules and regulations, and whether your headlights are legal. Once you are compliant with the state laws, then you are basically good to go.

The exact driving environment of the area where you reside should also be taken into account. For instance, the yellowish beam is considered to produce the best results in rainy or foggy conditions. While the blue and white bulbs produce the best results in off road conditions, but are considered to be good for on road conditions as well. The white bulbs are the most widely chosen bulbs when it comes to xenon headlights, but they can cause visibility problems for oncoming drivers, especially on asphalt roads and in rainy conditions.

Installing Xenon Headlights

After accounting for the things that are needed for purchasing the right xenon headlights for your car, the next part is associated with the installation of these xenon headlights. If you are installing your xenon bulbs yourself, then always be careful about handling them, since the glass on xenon bulbs is sensitive and may explode when it is heated. Never let any oil stains get on the bulb, as it may cause condensation in the headlights as well.

Avoid Contamination

It is important not to contaminate the outer layer of the xenon bulb, as it may cause performance issues. Once you are ready to install the bulb, remove it from the protective casing and attach directly to the headlight. Also ensure that all the wiring is in place and there are no issues with the ballast as well.

Get Expert Consultation

If you are unsure about changing your xenon bulbs yourself then it is better to consult with a professional who has installed countless xenon headlights. An HID conversion kit is extremely expensive and you may end up damaging the bulb during installation if you are not careful. You should always check the bulb by aiming the xenon light, since sometimes the installation may cause performance issues and if the bulb has not been fitted correctly it may cause improper distribution of the light that may end up blinding other drivers on the road.


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