Should I Get Samsung S8 or Apple iPhone X?

Should I Get Samsung S8 or Apple iPhone X?


Samsung is also known as the king of android industry, whenever you want to have an android Phone Samsung is the first options that come to your mind. On the other hand, if you are looking for an upgrade in your phone model then the best option you have is the Samsung Galaxy Series that comes up with a round of innovation and attractionevery time with a new launch. By the end of March, it is expected, Samsung is going to launch the brand new flagship phone S8 with a lot of new features and benefits added to it. Although with some previous releases, there have been some of the problems with the headsets but this time the company is sure to provide you with the ultimate headsets that will help you to take a step forward with the innovation and technology. Here are some important things that you always wanted to know about Samsung S8;

Although the set is not out yet but there is a number of proceeding are made up by the people based on different rumours and tags about the new coming phone. It is expected that just like the Samsung S7 it will also fulfil all the expectations from the company and the model. Apparently, when itcomes to the looks, designs of the phone there are most many promotions, and changes are announced, in fact, it is expected that the S8 will have looks like the S7 but will definitely have some important and improved features than before. Such as from the fingerprint scanner now the security will be locked with the iris recognition and there will be many new things added to the operating features.

The screen size is a bit increased from the previous one it is expected to be from 5.7 inches to 5.8 or so. The best thing about the aspect ratio of the career that is 18:5:9, and ultimately amazing and super fine aspect ratio.

There are some rumoursrelated to the dual camera in order to support the dual functionality by one phone. Like the other competitors, Samsung paid attention towards the development of the ultimate dual camera that will simply help the company to make some of the great improvements in it.

After the Apple’s Siri and Google’s own assistant, the Samsung decided to launch its personalised AI named at Bixby on the Galaxy S8 that will be an amazing attraction for the users and a boot for the product as well.

It has soft buttons under the screen to keep the panel of the phone button less and give it an entirely new look in S8 in Dubai that is never being practised in any of the previous models on a large scale. This is going to be one thing for allthe Samsung users, as it never happened with any of the Samsung phones earlier.


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