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Should I Go for a Bong or a Bubbler?

Should I Go for a Bong or a Bubbler?

The bong has penetrated so deeply into the culture associated with marijuana that it is an icon piece in cannabis use. On the internet, there are many forums that talk about this tool.

In this tool, interesting approximations can be found with respect to their characteristics and in general they point to the materials used in their manufacture which can be from wood to acrylic by their forms and which can be straight, folded collar, flask, etc.

However, in order to recognize a bong, it must resemble this description. It is a vertical tube sealed at the bottom and that has a thinner tube inserted at its end is attached with the bowl or pipe head. The water is poured into the main tube and the smaller tube is submerged. When sucked through the top of the pipe, the smoke is filtered, cooled by water and contained inside the pipe. In addition, it has a small hole above the water that is kept closed with the fingers and that once removed allow to quickly suck up the contained smoke.

Without a doubt, the bong offers a unique experience in smoking as it has quickness of effect, mega drafts that allow to suck up a quantity of smoke that far exceed the pinch of a cigar, control of the smoke that is aspirated and the possibility of filtering it in the water that there is in it.

Bubbler – The Midway between Pipe and Bong

The bubbler is something of a hybrid pipe as it contains the characteristics of the bong and traditional smoking pipe. It has a small room to which water is added and where the neck of the head of the pipe is submerged. It is manufactured mainly in pyrex glass used in laboratory utensils which makes it much more resistant to heat and shock than other glasses. Its small format is ideal for those who want to have a water pipe to easily transport.

For its part, the bowl is a piece made of glass and also has a small chamber which contains water where smoke is housed and, as the bong, has a small hole on one side that can quickly suck the smoke content. Because of its size, it is also very easy to carry, but you have to have careful eye, as there is a wide range of bowls that are made of glass, very similar to the one used in Christmas decorations, making them extremely fragile.

In my opinion, bong is not a suggested item to be used as it can make you land in trouble; however, it is easily available on online headshops, but it is better that you opt for other smoking devices such as bubbler rather than choosing a bong.

The smoking pipes are composed of a small combustion chamber and a pipe that ends in the nozzle. They can be made of different materials ranging from clay, glass, metals or wood such as clay pipe, made of a cherry tree were widely used in the nineteenth century.

Among the followers of the clay pipe was the poet Charles Baudelaire, who also in his Havens work artificial handles made clear the fascination with pipes to consume, among other things.

Another prominent figure in history who was a well-known admirer of the pipes was the physicist Albert Einstein, who enjoyed the whole process concerning the preparation of the pipe before smoking. His passion for the art of smoking in pipe was worth to him and in 1950, at the age of 71, he was by the Montreal Pipe Smokers Club like perpetual member. On that occasion, he launched one of his famous phrases ‘smoking pipe predisposes to judge with serenity and objectively the actions of people’.

Hookah – A Water Pipe for the Social Smokers

Composed of a ceramic pan, where grass is placed, a body, base and hose, hookah, like all pipes, has an unspecified birthplace that varies from India to China. Another antecedent is the etymological origin of the word, which comes from Persian ‘hookah’ meaning coconut, since this was the material that was most used in its manufacture in the beginning. Today, the hookahs are made of metal or glass and are composed of a series of flexible tubes and a container filled with water whose function is to filter since the smoke passes through the said container before leaving through the mouthpiece.

Certainly the hookah stands out from the rest of the pipes because it favors social consumption since, preferably, it is done in the halls where you can smoke the typical wet tobacco.

To smoke hookah, it must first be considered that it is a complex device since the combustion depends largely on the ember that is placed on the grass and that must be covered by a sheet of perforated aluminum. Failure to perform this procedure in the correct way is very likely to be completed by burning the contents without the possibility of extracting the smoke.

For this reason and beyond its beauty, the hookah may not provide all the guarantees of a good smoke as it is designed more for the enjoyment of the smoke than for its rapid inhalation. The hookah smokers can spend hours smoking the bottle quietly. You can find it at online headshops if you are tempted enough to smoke it.


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