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Should You Buy Casement AC For Your House?

Should You Buy Casement AC For Your House?

This is especially true when you have little kids around. With a casement air conditioner, you are guaranteed lifetime savings and a relaxed atmosphere where you and your children could enjoy living with safety and comfort. Before purchasing an A/C unit, you would want to know that your investment is your money’s worth. The casement A/C has the varieties to choose such as Frigidaire slider, Haier slider, Amanda slider, and Gibson casement air conditioner.

Unlike many other air-conditioning units, the casement air conditioner is handier and manageable. It is a window unit built to last longer as compared to other units. On one hand, it is designed vertically and not horizontally. The casement air conditioner is tall and not wide, making it more beneficial as it fits most windows that slide in a horizontal direction. The majority of households in the United States do not have windows that slide vertically, so this design is not that hard to install. See for yourself and you will never ever be sorry for doing so.

Installing this A/C unit only takes a matter of 15 minutes. It comes with well-written directions and everything else needed to fix it. All you need to prepare are a few tools such as screwdrivers, drill, and wrench. This particular A/C unit mounts right into the track of the window frame and has for support an adjustable bracket on the window’s exterior. To have a good fit and ensure proper placement, it is easily adjusted it with a hand wrench.

One hindrance that most people find about air-conditioning units is the loud noise it creates, but not with casement air conditioners. Some units would whirr in high volume which might interrupt sound sleep. Children and adults definitely find it hard to go to bed when there is so much noise to bear. With the casement A/C, you only have soothing sleep and a good night’s rest for the reason that its level of noise is rather acceptable.

The casement air conditioner unit suits well in a standard size bedroom for the reason that it is only 6,000 BTU. For better results, do not try it in a dining room or any large areas in the house. The casement A/C lets you maximize your space, not to mention it looks good in your room. You can have yourself the best buy you could ever have with casement air-conditioner for sure.

With the arrival of summer, we begin to use air conditioning, and misuse of it can trigger our electric bill at month end, so properly use air conditioning system to save unnecessary expenses. First of all, it is essential to seek advice from a professional on the type of equipment and power that best can meet your needs. Here I have listed some recommendations to save energy when you use air condition.

1 – Buy Efficient Equipment

The first step is purchasing the equipment. The most important thing is to focus on the energy label. Appliances with labeling class A are most suitable, consuming up to 50% less than others. Adhere to the strict power needed, since installing more powerful equipment is synonymous with waste of money.

2 – Calculate the Space

Calculate how many units should be installed according to the amount of square meters for desired cooling.

3 – Turn off the Device

It is an elementary habit that many forget. It should not be left on the appliance if you leave home or the office. The device also cools quickly and its effects lasts. They must be turned off for a while before bedtime for greater savings. Some devices have latest technology energy-saving mechanisms that detect if there is nobody in the room, they automatically deactivate.

4 – Adjust the Temperature

Properly regulate the temperature of the room, holding between 22° C and 25° C. As the humidity increases, the temperature must be reduced to maintain the same thermal sensation. It is recommended in the summer months to have temperature 25° C. Difference with the outside temperature of more than 12º C is unhealthy and also for every degree you lower the temperature of the unit to consumes between 6% and 8% more energy.

5 – Properly Insulate House/Office

To avoid energy loss, it is useful to properly insulate the house, especially taking special care in the openings. Another important point is to use awnings, curtains and blinds that can reduce heating of the housing, preventing the direct sunlight to reaches the air condition. Energy consumption can be reduced up to 30% if excessive heat input is avoided. The air conditioner should be away from heat sources such as light bulbs and appliances.

6 – Importance of Ventilation

You should ventilate in the early hours of the morning and evening when outdoor temperatures are cooler. Similarly, avoid frequently opening doors and windows in the room where the air condition is running.

7 – Clean & Check Equipment Regularly

The filters of air conditioners are usually clogged with dust and dirt every day which decrease their performance. It is important to clean them once every two weeks or once a month at least to reduce consumption. It is suitable for periodic review of air conditioners.


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