Simple Ideas To Give Your Windows The Special Shine

Simple Ideas To Give Your Windows The Special Shine

The most important thing to clean the windows is that you know it requires a little patience to do so, but once you know the technique, you can clean them quickly to have the perfect brightness through the clean windows.

Dry The Window

The very first thing to do is to make sure that you dry the window for the reason that it will make it much easier to clean it that way, and the best technique to do it is always going in the same direction i.e. to the right or towards the left. If the directions are mixed, there may be streaks in the glass that will make the cleaning look unprofessional. You can use a newspaper to dry the windows before using any other product since paper of this type absorbs the moisture in a better way.

Don’t Leave Any Particle Of The Dust!

Before passing the damp cloth on the window glass pane, make sure that there is no dust on it, so when you wipe a damp cloth, it will not cause mud to form. This mud can be formed by dust particles and water and becomes a nuisance to remove as it spreads all over the surface. This is why it is necessary to remove any particles of the dust before wiping with a damp cloth.

Use Alcohol As A Disinfectant

When you are cleaning the window, use a damp cloth sprayed with alcohol, so that there are no dots and the brightness is complete. Alcohol helps the shine to be consistent and disinfect the surface.

Use Clean Water

Windows are very sensitive to dirt. This is why you should use only clean water to clean them, and if you use a damp cloth, just use clean ones. Avoid grabbing other cloths from the house to clean the windows. And if possible, always use new ones when cleaning.

Use Of Vinegar

If the glass is greasy or smoky, apply a little vinegar to the water before cleaning the window. The vinegar removes the grease without leaving marks or stains. In addition, the vinegar helps to make the shine the glass evenly. Vinegar is used worldwide for cleaning surfaces. Do not use buckets but sprayers because there is a risk of water spillage and you have to start over. It is more convenient to use sprayers than buckets of water if you are cleaning the windows at a considerable height.


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