Stress – The Biggest Enemy of Weight Loss Efforts

Stress – The Biggest Enemy of Weight Loss Efforts

Stress is the saboteur to your attempts to lose weight. Here I propose you weight loss tips for weight reduction that can be completed in just eight weeks. It certainly will not be easy, but if you are not at your ideal weight and want to improve, follow the advice will be your most benefiting choice in your life. Before delving into the mechanisms of weight loss diet plan such as Slim and Save, let’s look at which many experts consider a mortal enemy of weight loss and, conversely, an ally of unwanted fat, the stress.

Stress is not just a disease but rather a set of symptoms that conspire against the normal person and that translates into strong pressures that ultimately affect the health and mental balance. A normal dose of stress is an incentive to meet professional and personal goals since without obligation we naturally become careless. However, when the dose exceeds the certain desirable levels, it becomes an obstacle to progress, because instead of being stimulated, the individual is subjected to such great pressure that eventually gives way and fall into anxiety and depression making it a disease. The consequences of stress are not only psychological but also somatic.

As for the diet, it is more than possible that a person subjected to high stress levels will overeat. The psychological pressure generates anxiety and, although wrong, the way to fight it is to eat, as the food, especially if it contains high amounts of carbohydrates in the form of flour or sweet, because it produces pleasure, which is an antidote, not a solution to stress. If you suspect that you may be a victim of stress, I recommend the following steps before starting a diet.

Attend a Doctor

Only a professional can tell you whether or not you actually suffer from any ailment. A doctor will make the right questions and if necessary refer you to a mental health professional if your condition demands.

Never Treat Yourself

Do not take medication on your own because you do not know their side effects and if you might make your situation worse for yourself.

Do not start a diet if you are suffering from stress.

If you start a diet with stress, it is most likely that you will leave, and then you will feel bad for the failure which will ultimately help raise your stress level. Therefore, solve your problem of stress first and then the problem of your excess weight.

The exercise is a great ally against stress.

Exercise is a good way to combat stress and your doctor will probably recommend it. The exercise generates endorphins, the hormones that counteract the harmful effects of high levels of stress.

Do not postpone your treatment.

If you suspect that you suffer from high stress, do not think that you will be cured alone. Sooner go to your doctor’s appointment. The sooner you feel relief, the sooner you can start your diet and before you see better through weight loss.


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