The Best Tips wile Dealing with Electricity

The Best Tips wile Dealing with Electricity

Sometimes we think that we know all about electricity safety measures. However, there are a number of safety rules which may be unknown to us that need to be strictly observed. Below are tips that will help you avoid electrical mishaps.

(1) Always remember to turn off electrical appliances when not in use.

Before leaving the house or going to bed, take time to ensure that all electrical devices not in use are correctly turned off.

(2) Never attempt to overload sockets

It is always advisable to use only one plug for each socket. If you use an adapter, ensure that it’s the bar type with a fuse. The whole output of all plugs should correspond with the specified rating.

(3) Add a residual current to prevent shocks and cut off power

Fixing one on the fuse box is also a good option. Alternatively, you can consider choosing a portable one ideal for outdoor activities.

(4) Periodically check on the condition of sockets and plugs

As you check, pay attention to frayed or burnt wires on appliances. It is always recommended that you seek the services of a qualified electrician to do the job for you.

(5) Never ever allow invisible wires to pass under carpets

The invisible wires can easily trip somebody. Moreover, it will be difficult to find out the condition of the wires or cables.

(6) Never pass electric cables or wires over stove tops or toasters.

 This is extremely dangerous. Moreover, never attempt fingering the toaster particularly with any metal.

(7) Avoid sticking in nails in walls of your house

This is risky because you may not know what is behind the entry point. In addition to that, take caution as you excavate or dig because you may cut a live underground wire.

(8) Never mix liquids with electricity

Liquids should be kept far away from electricity. Dry your hands before touching any electric appliance. Placing liquids like water on top of electric appliances should be avoided. When using a steam kettle, never attempt to fill it up while it is plugged on.

(9) Electrical fires

In case of small fires, use fire extinguishers and blankets to smother the fires. If possible, unplug and turn off any affected electrical appliances. Do not attempt to extinguish electrical fire using water. This can lead to electrocution.

(10) Safety switches and plugs

Buy safety switches for your lighting and power circuits. In case of electric fault, the switches switch off the power supply in a spur of a moment.

For those with children, invest in safety plugs. They are very cheap and easy to use. They are directly inserted into empty power sockets to prevent children from pushing objects like nails into power sockets.

(11)  Response to fire

If you find out that you cannot fight a fire, run out of the house as fast as possible. Once safe, seek help from the fire department.

These are some of the tips that will help you avoid electric mishaps. Though some of them may seem hard to follow, make use of them to protect your family and home from electric fires. To know more tips, visit NJ Industrial Electricians.


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