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The Evolution of Royal Rife Machines

The Evolution of Royal Rife Machines

All true Royal Rife machines work on the same principle. That is, a high frequency radio signal is interrupted or modulated by a lower frequency generator machine, which is generally in the audible or sub-audible range.

There are a lot of methods of achieving this end, and some of the classic methods used through time will be discussed in the next paragraphs, starting with the original Rife unit, and progressing to the latest Royal Rife machines.

The original Rife frequency generator machine as indicated by Rife’s own notes, used vacuum tubes and a circuit called a super regenerative oscillator. If we put it in simple words, this means that a radio frequency oscillator, which was interrupted by a second lower frequency (audio frequency oscillator), generated the composite Rife signal.

In super regenerative terms, the low frequency oscillator was called the ‘Quench oscillator’. Its job was to quench or stop the radio frequency oscillator for about half the time and to allow the radio frequency oscillator to restart and carry on oscillation for the other half. This technology made combining of the two frequencies a simple matter with a minimum of the parts. Super regeneration was used extensively in the 1930s for a very different reason.

The technique was invented by a man named Armstrong for making incredibly sensitive receivers for the very high frequencies and above. In the 1930s, the electronic components were expensive, and to make a radio with one or two tubes which could perform nearly as well as a six tube set, ensured its popularity. The super regenerative technique is still used today for non-critical applications such as garage door openers and remote controlled toy cars and the like.

Today, high quality units are produced by a few companies like Spooky2 and JWLABS. They are a little quite expensive for the reason that high reliability is required. These are standalone machines constructed in a single chassis. They use expensive but very rugged MOS Field Effect Transistors to deliver about 100 watts to the Rife tube.

The tuner is an integral part of the Rife machine unit. To interrupt the radio frequency, these units use a ‘keying circuit’ borrowed from Morse code transmitters as used by the radio operators. This circuit simply keys or turns on and off the carrier to the power amplifier transistor. The lower audio frequencies are generated by a handheld unit which is also used for the royal Rife units mentioned above.

A Rife generator is a device that generates several frequencies and harmonics in order to kill viruses and bacteria in the human body. Rife frequency generators operate by electrodes that are either handheld, applied directly on the body or controlled with a foot plate. The Rife machine increases the electrical frequencies of pathogenic microbes until they break, just like a wine glass when a soprano makes a high pitch note. Cancer patients using a Rife frequency generator in a 1934 study had a 100% recovery in four months.

  • Request a Rife software package (a basic package comes with the computer software). If you need connections for several computers, get a premium package.
  • Request an amplifier, or use your own, if you have one.
  • Plug the RCA stereo output cable into the computer’s headphone port. Plug the other end with the two connections into your amplifier. The white plug enters the left input port of the amplifier; the red connector enters the input port on the right. It is possible to use the auxiliary output on a stereo amplifier if you have one.
  • Plug the power adapter into the side of the amplifier and into the outlet.
  • If you are using a stereo amplifier, try to see if the frequencies are playing through your speakers.
  • Connect the cables to the stereo output ports of the amplifier. Attach the black lead wire to the blue electrode and the red lead to the red electrode. Do this for both sides of the amplifier. All four electrodes will be connected to the amplifier.
  • Soak covers of the electrode in warm salt water, drain them and cover the electrodes for a good, solid connection.
  • Replace the electrodes under your feet or in your hands. The user cannot feel anything, but the Rife machine goes to work. For the best results, put two matching electrodes in your hands and two correlation electrodes under your feet.
  • Turn up the volume on your computer’s volume control panel to where you feel only a slight tingling in the electrodes.
  • The frequency numbers to use will come with the software. Set these numbers, and use the Rife frequency generator according to the instructions.
  • Never allow the red and blue electrodes to touch. You could short the amplifier.

Always, have a consultation with your doctor to ensure you get proper results.


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