Have you ever thought why you opted for Nike shoes in high school or a Gucci or Aldo bag at a pool party? Were you the same a few years before?? .. No! You were not. That’s because you have started interpreting logo designs in your apparently physical personality to settle with your peer group. But what about a few years later?.. Of course, you will turn up into an uncle or aunt with graceful shades and hair cut fitted with an ‘adult’ brand (or probably, an even smarter heartthrob .. winks*)

Logo Designs are the only powers after the brand ambassadors, which hook our minds with the things related to these logo designs. It is the primary step of the designer to list down the target audience of the product for which he is designing a logo. Target audience is described with gender and age. For females, logo designs that predict elements related to feminism work the best. For example, women are heavily influenced by the word ‘freedom’ as the present-day society is said to be the male chauvinist society.. *sympathies-with-married-men*…  Therefore, symbol of the majority of the female shampoos depicts freedom, luxury and spa.

The complications come when it comes to the age of the target audience.

Children: The logo designs do not matter for children with ages 1 to 5 as these children are controlled by their mothers mostly. However, these children can be attracted with the use of vibrant colors; parrot green, baby pink, flamy orange, aqua blue etc. children with ages 5 to 12 are attracted by the dominating cartoons or toys of the era. For these children, dark colors are effective along with the use of logo themes like; touching the sky, bringing pearls from oceans, defeating your rivals, saving the universe etc.

Youths: Teenagers are attracted by the themes like friendship, companionship, adventure etc. A logo design with vibrant colors associated with friendship can work the best.

Pre-Adults: People over 20 switch their priorities to economic prosperity. Here, the geography matters a lot. With the rising theory of multi-culturalism, pre-adults from the underdeveloped countries seek scholarships from the developed countries. For such pre-adults, a logo design associated with prosperity, changing lives, meeting the dreams etc. works. However, for the remaining pre-adults, the concepts of adventure (specifically mountain-hiking) works as the strongest attraction.

Adults: Adults want ‘class’ in everything. There is a common joke in logo designing industry. ‘Attach WORLDCLASS with your logo and get highest hits from adults.’ Associating elegance and tranquility with your logo design can attract a considerable mass of adult target audience! Leave the rest for ‘worldclass’ .. winks*


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