The Importance of Using a Solder Fume Extraction System

The Importance of Using a Solder Fume Extraction System

A solder fume extraction system is important to ensure anyone’s safety related to their effects. People have different reaction toward solder fumes, but it is always wise to use a system to protect all users and employees from the possible health risks.

Some jobs require the employees to use solder fumes which may cause some effects after certain period of use. The worst risks they may experience are serious health problems, such as asthma, amnesia, nausea, and even cancer. Considering these effects, the application of solder fume extraction in industrial environments is crucial.

Further, it gives advantage to the company itself for the reason that it helps eliminate the needs for personal respirators and also keeps facilities in compliance with current air-quality standards. During the process of production, the fumes can damage expensive production equipment and cause extensive downtime for repair or cleaning. In this case, it is clearly seen that this system helps the company’s financial condition.

For industrial environments, a high vacuum system is an ideal choice to extract and filter fumes. It is suitable to solder iron tip extraction and flexi fume arms. For customers’ convenience, some manufacturers produce portable and low noise systems.

From various solder fume extraction systems available on the market today, only some are reliable. That is why someone needs to look for information as much as possible to provide the highest level of protection for all users or employees. Here we highly recommended Weller for its brilliant capabilities in providing healthy work environments.

As an expert brand in soldering, Weller creates innovative products anyone can rely on, whether for personal and industrial use. The responsibility of Weller in producing beneficial products can be seen in Weller Zero-Smog Fume Extraction System. It could be the best solder fume extraction system ever!

It is perfect for environments to deal with soldering, welding, adhesive dispensing, and laser applications. The system works by combating the harmful effects of those emissions with its filter which functions to catch polluted air at its source and re-circulate clean air back into the workplace.

It is economical, which is supported by enduring filters energy and high quality construction that lets you save money. It can even last five times the life of any other solder fume extractor available on the market.

Weller solder station is manufactured by Weller. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the soldering system. In this regard, it is not wondering if the product is able to provide you a reliable and good performance. Weller solder station is equipped with some great features which you can see in the following explanation.

WLC100 Soldering Station

Weller solder station comes to you with some features which are designed for your need. It comes to provide you a good start for using the solder to join the material for more efficient and also electrical connections. This solder station comes in a simple design which allows you to use it by yourself. It is ideal to be used for the hobbyist.

The features which you will find from this Weller solder station include the pencil iron which is made with its high quality and lightweight material. It is also equipped with the variable power control along with the cushioned foam grip which provides you comfort during soldering. It is also equipped with the replaceable heating element and safety guard iron holder. You will find that it is a reliable solder station which is worth to consider since it is manufactured by the leading manufacturer in the world in 1945.

Furthermore, by using this Weller solder station, you will achieve some advantages including the durable and easy to control pencil iron. It comes to you with the ST3 iron-plated copper tip. You will also find that this solder is easy to adjust since it comes with the adjustable variable power control which allows you to adjust the power. The high quality accessories which are supplied to this solder are able to provide you a dependable performance.

WES51 Analog Soldering Station

This solder station comes to you along with its soldering pencil, stand and sponge. It would be the right choice for the rework, industrial manufacturing, repairs and some others. The pencil comes with comfortable foam grip which provides you with comfort during the soldering, so that you can achieve the precise result.

Some other features that you will find include ESD safety, fire-resistant silicone rubber cord and automatic shut-off technology which make this Weller solder station safe enough for use in the environment which demands for the continuous production. Also, it comes with the electronic temperature control which is able to deliver the perfect performance. It also prevents this device from damaging due to the high temperature working.

WESD51 Digital Soldering Station

It comes to you as another worth-to-consider solder station you can bear in mind. Just like the previous types, WES51, WESD51, it also comes to you with power unit, stand, soldering pencil and the sponge. The only thing that makes it different is the LCD for the variable digital temperature control. This solder station is also applicable for repairs, rework, and also industrial manufacturing. The digital electronic temperature supplied to this device is able to provide you a quick heat recovery. You will find that this device is easy and safe to use.


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