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The Major Components of Oracle Database

The Major Components of Oracle Database

Table spaces and Data files

As mentioned above, a database is separated in one or more logical components called table spaces, which are used to separate information in groups and thus simplify data management. Table spaces can occupy one or more data files. If you decide to use multiple data files, the system administrator can manage that checks should be located on different disks, which will increase system performance, mainly due to the improvement in the distribution of the load input/output.

The Database Schema

A schema is a collection of logical objects used to organize information in more understandable way and are known as schema objects. A brief description of the component objects is as follows;


It is the basic logical storage unit and contains rows and columns (as a matrix) and is identified by a name. The columns also have a name and must specify a data type. A table is stored in a tablespace or more in the case of partitioned tables.


A cluster is a group of tables stored physically together as a single table that share a common column. If you often need to retrieve data from two or more tables based on a column value they have in common, then it is more efficient to organize them as a cluster, because the information can be retrieved in a smaller number of read operations performed on the disc.


An index is a structure created to help recover data more quickly and efficiently. An index is created on one or more columns of the same table. Thus, when requested to recover data from it by a search condition, it can be accelerated if you have an index on the columns target.


View implements a selection of one or several columns of different tables. The view does not store data, only it is presented dynamically. The view is used to simplify the user’s view on a set of tables, making it transparent to the form of data collection.


These are programs that allow data management wean from an application and connecting directly from the database engine, thus, reducing traffic information through the network and improving performance of the processes implemented by these programs.


A trigger is a procedure that is executed immediately when a particular event occurs. These events can only be the insert, update or delete data from a table.


The sequence generator is used to generate Oracle unique numbers and use such as keyboards. The main advantage is that it frees the programmer to get sequential numbers which are not repeated with another user that can generate at any given time.

About CommitDBA

CommitDBA is a remote DBA service provider offering consistent and stable remote database services. Their remote DBA team works 24/7 providing global remote monitoring to maintain strong SLA with response time matrix.

Oracle includes a graphical management tool that is much more intuitive and comfortable to use. The line of text commands that are used to make administration are used alternatively. Therefore, it is not obligatorily to have this tool because it is always possible to manage a database from the command line, however, it is much more advisable for ease of use and speed to execute most commands.

Oracle provides a comprehensive database solution to achieve the development and implementation making the process easier, faster and cheaper, which allows the developers to write Oracle applications more easily and faster. It is tightly integrated with Visual Studio and includes advanced features. Oracle is a database divided into one or more logical parts called tablespaces, which are used to separate information in groups and simplify data management such as automatic .NET code generation, debugger and fully integrated PL/SQL editor.

There is a logical and physical layer in the database of Oracle. The physical layer has files on the disk while the logical layer is about data structure that map to these physical mechanisms.

Physical Files

The physical files located on disks can be of three different types which are explained below;

1 – One or More Data Files

The data files store all the information entered into a database. You can have only one or hundreds of them. Many objects i.e. tables and indexes can share several data files. The maximum number of data files that can be set is limited by the system parameter.

2 – Two or More Redo Log Files

Files of redo log store information that is used to recover a database in case of failure. These files store the history of changes made to the database and are particularly useful when you need to confirm whether the changes that the database has already confirmed are actually performed in the data files.

3 – One or More Control Files

These files contain information used when an instance arises such as information on where the data files and redo log files are located. These control files should be always protected.

About CommitDBA

CommitDBA is has high experienced and qualified Oracle certified professionals with remote DBA teams. They are offering remote database management support services on every version of Oracle on any platform. Their experts have vast experience in Oracle performance tuning, disaster recovery, upgrade and migration and troubleshooting and they ensure proper remote database management operations at any time you want.


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