The Mandatory Kitchen Tools for the Home Chef

The Mandatory Kitchen Tools for the Home Chef

Many of these are common kitchen items that most people will already have, but I want to offer my opinion on the best type and brand for durability, performance, and functionality. I would recommend having the following Vremi kitten accessories.

Vremi Knives

You really don’t need many, but the few you own, or better yet, use on a day to day basis, should be durable, sharp, and suited to your hand/body size. Avoid buying all-purpose knifes that are completely serrated; you will never be able to make precision cuts, or sharpen them. The only serrated knife you really need is a long thin bread knife. Other than that, you should have an all-purpose chefs (butcher knife), filet knife, boning knife, and paring knife. Buy quality and you will most likely never have to buy them again.

Vremi Cutting Board, Sharpening Stone, And Steel

I include these as one category because they are essentially secondary requirements for using knives, it doesn’t make sense to have knives without them. The best cutting boards are the simplest ones, the white, synthetic, plain board type. They are dishwasher safe, will never warp, can be bleached clean of any stain, and are ruggedly durable. For the sharpening stone and steel, you need not spend a fortune, but buy a stone that has at least two coarseness, and steel that feels smooth but not slippery, and learn how to use them well.

Vremi Box Grater

You may have a grater, but do you have a real box grater? It should be a four sided mechanism with four different shredder types, at least two of which are the standard grater style, just varying in size. The other two shredder types are less important, but it should also have a strong sturdy, and comfortable handle, and good strong welds holding it together.

With these tools you should be able to accomplish most of the home cooks you ever will, and you will be able to do it well. You will not have to spend a ton to get them, but buy simple, durable equipment such as the Vremi and maintain it well. You should have it forever because most chefs’ tools are meant for a lifetime of use. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment.

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