The Overview of Electronic Rat Traps

The Overview of Electronic Rat Traps

Many people have a lot of questions surrounding electronic rat traps. They want to know things such as;

  • Are they waterproof?
  • Will they short out if they get wet?
  • Can they cause fires?
  • What is their voltage level?

While electronic rat traps differ by brand, they all have to overcome the same obstacles. Most electronic rat traps in the industry are both waterproof and UV resistant. Since most electronic rat traps will be sitting outdoors, even simply the dew would be able to short them out if they weren’t designed to be waterproof. That being said, however, it is still very important for you to go with a reputable brand.

Not all electronic rat traps are created equal. Some of them have weaker voltage levels and safety features than others. This can make them not only ineffective, but also dangerous. There can be some big differences between models, and most of the better brands are not very much expensive. They are definitely worth the extra $10 you will pay for being able to have both efficiency and peace of mind.

So what happens if the electronic rat trap is not powerful enough to kill the rats you are dealing with? The rodents can be quite different in size and some rats can get pretty huge. But this is why most of the good brands have a built-in feature that will only allow an animal of a certain size to enter the compartment. Most electronic rat traps look like mailboxes, and they have a door through which a rodent can enter. Generally speaking, they are designed in such a way that if an animal can fit inside the compartment, it will be killed easily by the level of voltage.

But what happens if the rats you are dealing with are too big to fit in the compartment but still want the food inside and begin damaging the rat trap? In this case, you may have a problem. If you are truly dealing with some big rats, the electronic rat trap might not be the best technology for you. Though the compartment is large enough to fit any size of the rodent, for exceptionally large rats, they may try and claw up the rat trap to get to the food inside, which can create a dangerous situation, so be advised as this has happened on rare occasions.


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