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The Solutions to Your Fruit Fly Problems

The Solutions to Your Fruit Fly Problems

Fruit flies can sometimes be really irritating especially when you see them messing up your food and laying eggs on them making it inedible. However, if you have not been properly informed of what to do in such a situation, it may continue happening for as long as the fruit flies can breed. Here are some things you need to know about eliminating fruit flies. You need to know important facts about the fruit flies so as to be able to kill them.

Fruit flies are well-known for their keen sense of smell. They can easily detect food from long distances. Having said this, an idea to get rid of fruit flies is by storing your food in places where they cannot detect it. Store fruits and vegetables in plastic containers or in your refrigerator. Never leave food on the table when you are not intending to eat it. Wash off your food storing appliances and devices so as to leave no trace of smell behind.

Fruit flies also find damp or wet areas the perfect spot to lay eggs or breed. If you have not got the slightest idea as to where they may be coming from, try to look for certain areas of your house which are poor in lighting and are damped or moist. Clean these areas out and dry them in order to be less susceptible for breeding grounds of fruit flies.

You can also try to set up traps for the flies by using vinegar. This conventional and natural approach is tried and proven to kill fruit flies. What you do is combine a bowl of vinegar and a few drops of liquid soap which will serve as the poison for the trap. Set it up to a place where you commonly see the flies swarming.

If you want another method to kill fruit flies, you simply use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to start sucking up the fruit flies. Now to avoid problems like this in the future, there are more than a few steps you can take to prevent fruit flies in house and home areas. First of all, you should plan to store your garbage in the covered bins. When you are using your garbage disposal, you should always wash it out with warm water as well.

Fruit flies have never been welcome to any household and continue to be amongst the most nauseating pests with repetitive occurrence. Getting rid of them completely has for long been seen as a daunting task although with the right information and from the right sources, you will soon discover cheap and environment friendly ways of eliminating fruit flies. The first thing you need to do is decide what part of your home you would like to free from them. Here we will begin with indoor eradication.

In this era when everyone else is talking of green living, most homeowners are not supportive of sprays and insecticides as they are inconveniencing and they affect the users’ health and not to forget that a very few of them are effective in eliminating fruit flies. The recent innovations have introduced the use of fruit fly traps.

The fruit fly traps work on a very basic concept. The fruit flies are lured to the trap using a sweet smell; these unsuspecting insects get close and get stuck. One of the ingenious aspects which is integrated during the development of these traps is their resemblance to a fruit, so that they look attractive to the unsuspecting insects and at the same time, differ from ruining your interior decor. In fact, most of them are developed in such a way such that they are so discreet making it difficult even for visitors to guess that you have a fruit fly trap.

Are you worried about the smell used to lure the fruit flies? Well, it will affect neither you nor your family members. The manufacturers of these traps use pheromone whose smell is not detectible to humans but has a great influence to fruit flies and other insects which might be troubling you in your household. You just have to watch as more and more fruit flies get trapped. The trap can be disposed after getting assurance that you have completely eliminated them from your interior.

If you store lots of fruit and other foods on your counter, you will need to be extra vigilant for any signs that the food is overripe. You should also make a habit of taking out your trash time every time and cleaning the hard to reach areas around the dishwasher, fridge and stove. By following these steps and doing your best to use sanitation practices, you should be able to prevent fruit flies in your house.


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