The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524 Review

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524 Review

For those who do not like dealing with the spring traps or finding a dead mouse somewhere in their house from poison, the M2524 model of Victor electronic mouse trap is the trap for them. If it is used properly, this trap is very effective with a 100% kill rate and the animal will not be able to make the escape at all. How’s that for a guarantee! Here is a quick glance of this mouse trap;

M2524 Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Highlights

  • High-voltage shock kills mice quickly and humanely
  • 100 percent kill rate and there is no escape possible
  • Its safety features protect children and pets.
  • Blinking green light indicates kill.
  • It is easy to dispose the dead mice without ever having to see or touch them.
  • It runs on four AA batteries, killing up to 50 mice per set.

Here I present a few tips that most consumers have likely missed when using this model of Victor electronic mouse trap.

  • Many people often think it is the better if they put more mouse bait in the trap, but it is not the case in reality.  Adding too much bait like peanut butter inside the trap can trigger the trap to zap the bait and get deactivated. That’s right, free buffet for the mice! You only need a small dap of bait inside the trap, maybe like the size of a nickel.
  • In order for the mouse to get the voltage shock, they have to touch both metal plates. Once you rid of the dead mouse, inspect the metal plates again and make sure that you clean them of any dust, dirt, and hair that might interfere with the zap.
  • Make sure you know which symbols on the trap means On and OFF. The Line side of the switch means that it is on and the CIRCLE side of the switch means the trap is Off. Turn the trap Off when you are cleaning or placing the bait inside.
  • Though, it is common sense, I have to remind that you must make sure the batteries are placed correctly.
  • Once the bait has been placed inside, you make sure that the door is firmly closed. You will notice a green light go on for about two seconds and then it goes off. This is supposed to happen and it means it is working in a proper way.
  • If there’s a mouse in your trap, you will see a light flash on and off every 7 seconds.

Please, leave your comments below with your experiences with this Victor brand mouse trap. I hope this will help.

In the world of electronic rat traps, Victor is a great name. M240 is an awesome model for a number of different reasons, the cost, for one thing, is unbeatable. It puts out an impressive 8500 volts over a 3-plate system which helps to ensure a kill. Not only that, but they keep their voltage consistent over a period of time, unlike other brands which deliver a large burst of electricity and then cool down.  Victor M240 makes sure the rat stays down. Victor is definitely interested in having a high kill rate. They only advertise a 90% kill rate, but in my mind, it is probably higher than that.

We are not sure whether this is a plus or a negative, but Victor M240 electronic rat trap uses 4 C batteries instead of 4 D batteries. This should make it cheaper to operate, but it only gives you 12 kills per set of batteries. This can have both pros and cons. The biggest pro that I can see is that most people probably don’t have 60 rats running around.  So having to buy 4 D batteries just to kill a couple of rats is a bit of an overkill and definitely a waste of money. The biggest con is that if you do have multiple rats running around, you want to make sure that your electronic rat trap has enough juice to exterminate all your pests, and not run out of power too soon. Still, all in all, I am glad Victor went with the C battery. Unless you are living out in the countryside somewhere and have a massive rat infestation, I really can’t see your trap killing 60 rats, but as always, the choice is yours.

The testimonials on this brand are mixed. I read a fair amount of them, and overall they are positive, but it seems as though a lot of people have had bad experiences with this model. It seems as though the newer versions of this model are constructed with cheaper materials than some of the older models and that some people seem to think that 90% kill rate is an exaggeration. So, in my mind, the question is one of cost verses efficiency. If you know you only have one or a couple of rats, you probably don’t want to buy the top of the line system just to kill a few rodents, and this cheaper Victor M240 might be the right one for you. If you seem to have an ongoing rodent problem, you might want to check out some other rat trap with 100% kill rate utilizing some of the most advanced technology.


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