Things To Do Before And After The Plastic Surgery Of Nose

Things To Do Before And After The Plastic Surgery Of Nose

Before The Plastic Surgery

When you intend to go for the plastic surgery of your nose, which is commonly called rhinoplasty, you must inform your plastic surgeon about the use of medications, as well as about diseases, facial trauma or previous facial surgeries that may influence the procedure.

If you are hypertensive, it is possible to operate it as long as it is controlled. If you heal badly, have some other illness, smoke, consume drugs like aspirin, anti-inflammatories, vitamin E and corticosteroids or have spontaneous or prolonged bleeding, tell your plastic surgeon. All drugs that increase bleeding such as aspirin, anti-inflammatories, vitamin E, omega-3, ginko biloba and other naturopathic medications should be discontinued. The smokers should quit smoking completely at least 2 weeks before the plastic surgery for nose to avoid any sort of complications.

You should not apply any type of makeup on the day of the plastic surgery of your nose and only take the medications indicated by the anesthesiologist.

After The Plastic Surgery

In most cases, you will come out of plastic surgery with your nostrils plugged, and you should breathe through your mouth. Progressively, it will present facial swelling until the first 4 days and it will diminish gradually. You should take care of bandages placed by your plastic surgeon and avoid wetting or moving them. There may be minor bleeding from the nostrils which is nothing to worry; if bleeding persists, consult your plastic surgeon.

Some recommend moisturizing nasal plugs with saline solution to facilitate your withdrawal. If you have sneezing, you should do so with your mouth open to avoid pressure on the nose. You should avoid wetting bandages that are covering your nose.

It is prudent to rest with the head raised during the first day. You should not touch your nose or try to remove the bandage to see the result as it could deteriorate the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will determine the time of use of the bandages and/or nasal plaster. The plugs will be removed according to what your plastic surgeon tells you, on average 1 to 6 days. Do not receive sun for 6 weeks and must use sunscreen for 3 to 6 months. You can return to your daily activities 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure. Avoid strong physical activities for 2-3 weeks as it may favor bleeding or nasal traumas that affect the result.


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