Things You Should Know About Breathable Crib Mattresses

Things You Should Know About Breathable Crib Mattresses

Blissful and comfortable sleeping is essential for all babies. It plays an important role in their growth process. One of the most known facts about babies is that they do not have specific routine of sleeping. They tend to sleep anywhere and everywhere they like, yet their cribs remain special to them.  A baby spends a great portion of his first years in his crib sleeping or just exploring things. So you have to make sure that your baby is totally comfortable in his crib. You baby’s comfort dose not only depend on the type of the crib. It is also connected to the type of the mattress you are using for your baby. Breathable crib mattress reviews can help you find the most suitable mattress for your little one.

Facts about buying the right crib mattress

When it comes to choosing the ideal mattress for you little one, you might be confused. There are many types in the market and will typically have questions and concerns. Mothers usually look for a mattress that is firm, versatile, comfortable and safe. Many mothers believe that there is no single mattress that has all these features at the same time. Luckily, breathable mattresses have combined many valuable features that changed this mistaken belief.  If you take a look at breathable crib mattress reviews, you will understand the reason for their success and popularity.

Breathable crib mattresses and SIDS

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This syndrome is responsible for many death cases in toddlers. There is not a clear reason behind this syndrome. However, breathing difficulties during sleeping can lead to this syndrome. If you check out breathable crib mattress reviews, you will realize that such breathability feature can save your baby’s life during sleep. Since that most babies do not like sleeping on their back and appreciate sleeping with face down, they can unwillingly experience severe breathing difficulties. Traditional mattresses can put your baby in serious danger as he can get smothered or suffocated. Breathable crib mattress will, on the other hand, put your mind at peace. Breathability and airflow features will let your baby breath easily while sleeping face down. You do not have to check on your baby every couple of minutes at midnight to put him on back. Using a breathable crib mattress for your infant will allow you and your baby to enjoy a good night sleep.


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