Tips for Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

Tips for Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

There are many attack strategies by which you can reach at higher levels and play good. Here is some Clash Of Clans attack strategy which will help you to attack your enemies and will prevent your village from destroying.

Strategies for Trophy

Trophy strategies focus on gaining trophies and ignore the need or cost for loot. For farming trophy hunting is a different game. If you are at higher trophy level then much stronger bases will begin encounter. There are two strategies for gaining trophies. The first strategy is that you need to focus on 1-2 star win which are of high quality and this will provide you trophies of small amount. This will provide the trophy at a high frequency of attack whose strength is the lower cost of troops but you need too much time to use it and if you get a single lost then this will set you back for a long time. Whereas, the second strategy is that you have to build higher and stronger cost armies and should attempt to gain 2-3 stars at every attack. These starts should be gained at lower frequency. The advantage of this strategy is that you gain more trophies per battle and this also requires less game time. However, the cost will be high and enough loot per battle will not be made by you to keep building troops. Another advantage of this strategy is that if you miscalculate a battle then you will just get 1 star and you will not be at complete loss so this will be less risky.

Luring Heroes and Clan Castle Strategies

If you are just attacking the collectors and you can quickly get in and out so it is a good idea to kill and lure heroes and castles. To attract the attention of the heroes you should drop a single Archer and Barbarian and then continue dropping within the range of Clan Castle the single troops until they are exploited. Then drop at the edge of the maps a single troop which you wish to attack away from the defenses. If you wish to attack a building and it is away from defense range then you can anchor the troop. It is best for Barbarian because before you need to drop the next one it will last longer as they are slower. The Heroes and Clan Castle will walk towards your troops so don’t stop and continue anchoring your troops until the Heroes and the Clan Castle are destroyed.


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