Tips for Buying a Crib Mattress for Your Baby

Tips for Buying a Crib Mattress for Your Baby

Your child will sleep in his crib until he is 3-4 years old, so you should carefully choose the crib mattress he will rest on. This must be neither too hard, not it is uncomfortable and prevents from falling asleep, or very soft, which favors an incorrect position of the back. Follow the guidelines and you will be successful in choosing the best crib mattress.

When you go to buy the crib for your child, keep in mind that usually in the price the mattress, sheets or protector are not included. The baby does not need a pillow of any kind until two years old for the reason that they generate excess heat around the baby that could be dangerous. To put your child to bed, a suitable crib mattress, a fitted sheet and pajamas, adapted to the summer and winter allow the baby to move freely through the crib without the risk of chilling or suffocation.

There is no problem in seeing the crib as you wish or that you coordinate the fabric with the decoration of your room, but as a precaution, remove them when the baby has to sleep. The same goes for stuffed animals and toys. From 8-9 months, you can leave one to keep the baby company, although you must ensure that it is small and hairless.

As for the crib mattress, you can buy it in the same childcare establishment where you buy the crib or if it inspires you more confidence in stores specialized in these products. Remember that it must be the best crib mattress.

When choosing a baby crib mattress, keep in mind that not all cribs have the same size. Although there may be more, in general, the interior measurements of a crib are usually 120 x 60 cm, 125 x 62 cm or 140 x 70 cm and 150 x 79 cm. If you choose one that has a circular shape, you have to ensure that the manufacturer has thought about supplying the crib mattress. If the crib you buy does not have a mattress or you have inherited it and you want to change it or you are not convinced by the one offered, remember that the new one must fit exactly in the interior space. Despite the possible emotional burden, it is not convenient for the baby to use an inherited mattress, since this could have been compressed in certain areas by the weight of the previous baby and could be less effective in providing comfort to the baby.


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