Tips for Cleaning the Glass Windows Rightly

Tips for Cleaning the Glass Windows Rightly

Products and Tools for cleaning windows

You will require the following products and tools in order to clean the windows on your own;

  • Soapy water solution
  • Ammonia solution in equal parts with water
  • Solution of white vinegar dissolved in water
  • Commercial window cleaners
  • Sponge or a brush
  • Microfiber windscreen wipers
  • Scrapers
  • Buckets to contain water
  • Vacuum cleaner to clean window frames (Brushes to clean window frames in case of not having a vacuum cleaner)
  • Cotton dusters
  • Gloves

Tips for Cleaning the Windows

  • On the inside, unless there is a lot of dust due to work or abandonment of a long time, it will be enough to clean the window glass pane by performing a scouring procedure by projecting on the soapy water, spreading the solution throughout the glass.
  • Then we will use a wet cloth drained in water, and we will remove most of the soap and dirt, rinsing in water constantly.
  • With a completely dry, clean cloth of total cotton composition, or lint-free cleaning cloth, we will correct the corrosion on the small corners.
  • For the outside of the windows, it is advisable to remove the dry powder since it normally accumulates more particles than in contact with the humidity, and they can produce the scratching of the glass by the mud that is produced.


  • Never use lint-free cloths.
  • Do not rub the glass if it has dust on it for the reason that you will possibly scratch it.
  • Do not do the cleaning of glass when you have the sun on them, since you will double the time of the task and you will get worse results, by the rapid evaporation of the humidity that will not allow you to remove all the dirt.
  • The frequency in cleaning blinds will prevent the accumulation of the dirt that is then more difficult to remove. You are supposed to get used to routinely, for example, weekly, apply a duster on the inside following the direction of the blinds in order to avoid the dust accumulation.

Doing a proper cleaning of windows is possible, however; sometimes we do not have the time to do a cleaning and what is even more important is periodic maintenance. So sometimes and especially if we talk about cleaning offices, it is convenient to leave these tasks to professional cleaning companies that take care of every detail, so that everything is perfectly done.

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