Tips to Be a Certified Management Accountant

Tips to Be a Certified Management Accountant

Market is full of people looking for work in search of talented and educated workforce in financial and accounting planning. To stand out, you have to consider to become a Certified Management Accountant. It is managed by Institute of Management Accountants and it identifies the individuals with experience in the field of financial decision-making, risk analysis, and internal controls. The CMA professionals nearly earn $25,000 more each year than non-certified ones. You can join the Institute of Institute of Management Accountants. Candidates for the CMA exam must be members of the IMA.

Certification Process

For certification, you have to complete compulsory education. The candidates for CMA must obtain a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited college or university and complete of total of two years of full-time work experience in financial management and management control.

Jobs that require the candidate to regularly use the principles of sound financial and accounting management such as budget preparation, auditing and consulting will qualify. This requirement may be completed before the candidate conducts the test or within seven years after the test was successfully passed.

You can join the CMA program by paying the required entry fee. Once you pay the fee, you have three years to complete the CMA program. Tickets are paid through the shopping cart to the IMA’s website. The ticket allows access to test questions and answers, peer-to-peer networks and electronic access to the CMA resource guides for the candidates.

Study for CMA Exam

The certification test is a two-part test. Each part can be taken at different times and in any order. IMA offers its members discounted electronic products and seminars to study and testing of its website.

CMA exams are purchased through IMA shopping cart on the website and operated by Prometric Testing Center, a third-party testing service. At least two certification exams must be taken during the first year of entering the CMA program or the ticket will have to be paid again to continue the program.

Plan and Pass Both Tests

When you purchase a test, the records will be reviewed for eligibility. IMA sends an authorization letter by email to indicate that you are entitled to the test. You, therefore, are responsible for planning and taking the test through Prometric.

Maintain Certification

The maintenance of certification requires 30 hours of continuing education courses each year, compared to the IMA Professional Practice Ethics Statement, a member of the IMA.


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