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Tips to Choose the Best Metallic Automotive Paint for Your Car

Tips to Choose the Best Metallic Automotive Paint for Your Car

Are you going to buy a new car? Are you clear about the model you want? For now it is only about opting for the automotive paint and color, something more difficult than it seems considering the huge variety to choose from. Because automotive paint plays a much more important role than it may seem, so in this article I will try to give some tips for choosing paint of your car.

Solid Paint or Metallic Paint?

Before choosing the color, first of all, you need to be clear if you prefer to opt for a solid paint or metallic paint for your car. Usually the car with metallic automotive paint is the most demanded today. No wonder, as they bring a somewhat more modernized and special image than conventional automotive paints. So we will focus on highlighting the characteristics of this paint helping you choose the best color depending on the model you intend to buy.

Metallic Paint

The first thing to be clear is that the metallic paint is of higher quality than a conventional automotive paint. While solid paint has only one layer, metalized car paints have two or three, making it much more resistant. They are also quite sophisticated, since metallic paints are made with metal shavings and offer a more modern and elegant appearance. They are usually also somewhat more expensive. In short, in the long term, metallic automotive paint will be more profitable even if its price is higher.

What are the most demanded colors?

There are several colors that stand out in the list of the most demand colors. Well, it depends on several factors, including the type of car, the brand and size and one thing is clear that most vehicle owners opted for metallic automotive paint off the solid.

To give you an idea, small cars usually have bright colors such as blue, green and red while the larger and wider range vehicles have darker colors such as black, navy or dark gray. Do not forget that dark tones better conceal dirt, stains and scratches, making it is a plus point for them.

After reading this article, it must be clearer what kind of metalized automotive paint you should choose. You can find more automotive paint reviews here and do not hesitate to leave your comment with your opinion.

The process of painting a car is more than a job, it is an art, and there are different techniques and applications depending on the area to be treated. In many cases, it is necessary to paint the piece completely, but there are damages that do not require the complete paint of the piece. Automotive paint ensemble are also performed to achieve a leveling of color, but it you do so, you would have parts with different tonality, color and brightness.

Here begins the concept of dithering and timely retouching, and this type of technique requires adequate technical training for optimum finish without noticeable joints or the initial conditions of the part change. In this article, I will give the concept of dithering and timely retouching.

There are two findings regarding dithering, one is the degradation or decrease of color application to paint at a distance from the workpiece. In this way, the transition between the color the rest of the pieces is more tenuous.

The second finding relates to the mix between the original vehicle paint and painting application for a repair. This is done with the aim of integrating and splicing technicians as they say in paint finishing set.

Dithering can be applied to color or varnish and in any of its finishes, mono, bi and tri coat layers. There are two application techniques as wet and dry.

Wet Dithering

Dithering is accomplished by applying wet product specific to the automotive surface, applying on the wet surface, before drying the previous product. This technique is a little more expensive, and the materials are more expensive and demand greater application of the product. This type of wet-on-wet application technique is easier for the operator, even simpler for less experienced automotive painters.

Dry Dithering

It is different and does not require auxiliary products like in the wet-on- wet technique. In this technique, the drying times are respected in each of the products between applications.

Products for Application

Automotive paint manufacturers have developed products that allow the application of a dither. Some specific products for this purpose, which facilitate the realization of the technique are three as thinner, solvent and varnish.

The solvents and diluents are integrators, a specific varnish is also used to achieve the perfect finish of a dithering. Other products are the same as used for the repair of automotive paint such as color, varnish and thinners.

Cost Effectiveness

Application techniques of dithering and timely retouching are cost effective methods for repairing automotive paint since the amount of materials and time are reduced. This decrease in the consumption of materials is not based solely on costs. The decrease in consumption of materials stems from the need to limit the area of intervention to reduce the thickness since the automate paint is applied only in the affected area.

Repair times are also shorter, gaining time in operations such as masking, assembly and dismantling of accessories, drying of rigging, sanding and cleaning. The highest responsibility is matching hues and in the correct application of the technique to achieve finishes where the originality of the automotive paint in this way is not missed and you do not have to resort to the general refinish of the piece.


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