Tips to Choose the Best Window Air Conditioner

Tips to Choose the Best Window Air Conditioner

As soon as the time of summer approaches, people start getting ready to face the heat weave and one of the foremost thing to do is service the existing unit of air conditioner or buy a new one. Is your air conditioner ready for working in the hot days of summer? If you are concerned that an air conditioner is too expensive, you should know that there are cheaper models out there. In fact, you can get a window air conditioner for as little as $150.

A window unit will do a great job keeping you cool during the hottest days of the summer and it will not cost you an arm and a leg. A window air conditioner is a unit that is fixed to the hearth to keep enough cooling in the room where installed in the summer time. Some people choose to put their air conditioning units in the living room window in order to keep the space fresh. The others choose to place the unit in their bedroom, so that they can sleep well at night in a cool place.

A window air conditioner can be a very wise investment. Not just to stay cool, but it can be quite cheap as well. Some units cost less than $200. Compared to the central air conditioners that can cost more than $5000, a window air conditioner is an excellent choice for the consumers who are on a tight budget.

An air conditioning window is also quite cheap to operate in terms of electric power consumption. The central air conditioners can lead to the astronomical electricity bills during the summer. But with a window unit, you can keep your monthly electricity bill at a low level, while staying cool.

Perhaps the most popular brand of window air conditioner in the United States is Kenmore. Available in stores such as Amazon and Sears, Kenmore is one of the bestselling brands. Kenmore offers a wide range of window units including units that can cool mini small bedrooms or offices all the way up to huge window air conditioners that can keep most of your home cool. Kenmore units are equipped with several features including programmable timer, four-way air intakes, remote controls and variable speed fans.

To determine what size unit you need, take the measurements of the room in which you will use it. Once you have the square footage, you can use a BTU calculator to determine the size of the unit. With a window air conditioner, it is entirely possible to stay cool during the summer days without breaking the bank.


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