Tips to Control the Use of Facebook among Your Children

Tips to Control the Use of Facebook among Your Children

If you follow closely the news, you have probably heard more than once about the present risks of using some popular social networks like Facebook. Maybe you do not use them, but maybe your kids spend many hours connected to them. For this type of situation which does not take you by surprise, follow these tips to control the use of Facebook among your children. They will guide you to converse with them and set limits on information sharing and the amount of hours that they stay connected to Facebook among other things.

Ensure you follow the rules and regulations of Facebook

The minimum age to have a personal account on Facebook is 13 years. And while many teens are under 13 who have created accounts on this network, so you should know that not following this basic rule may result that Facebook cancel accounts your kid’s accounts without notice. At the same time, Facebook clearly states other parameters of conducting within its social network. If you let your children connect to this network, you must ensure that you understand their rights and duties to have no unpleasant surprises later.

Teach them to respect the privacy of others

If your children spend weekends with friends and share their vacation in the same place, surely they want to create photo albums with all those images captured on their mobile phones. You are supposed to explain that not everyone wants to show their faces or body parts in this social network. If you really want to upload those photos, encourage them to ask permission to appear in them before they are uploaded to the network. Considers that a photo on Facebook can quickly spread to other social media networks, which could have serious consequences in case of indecent photos. Privacy is a serious matter and an embarrassing fact or photo can make life a living hell for the person in question, so be very strict about privacy matters.

Today, the use of Facebook has become an addiction and the kids try to find every possible means of using this social network if they have restrictions to access it. Many schools block access to Facebook, but the kids can still access this social network as there are Facebook proxy sites available which make it easy for the kids to access Facebook without any hurdle. Therefore, as a parent, you have to develop understanding with your children about its use.


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