Tips to Get a Perfect Crib Mattress for Your Little One

Tips to Get a Perfect Crib Mattress for Your Little One

Give a Cozy Safe Sleep Environment

It is a general observation that it is important and essential for a newborn baby to get 16 hours of sleep daily. Similarly, a toddler of 3-5 years needs almost the same hours of sleep daily. This makes it clear that the baby of this age group spends their most time in a sleepy environment and you cannot compromise on the surrounding and bedding of their sleep place. And hence it is necessary to provide a cozy, comfortable and secure sleep environment to your baby. A good quality crib mattress is able to provide all these essential things and ensures a comfortable sleep for your cute baby.

How to Choose a Crib Mattress?

There are many brands in the market that offers the mattresses for cribs. But the question is how to select these mattresses that will fit perfectly in the crib? You need not worry about this anymore as the factors that help you in buying the perfect mattress for the crib are listed here to guide the readers in the right direction. Before buying any crib mattress, you are supposed to take into account the following important points;

  • The size of the mattress you are choosing and the size of the crib. There are standard mattress sizes for the crib to ensure the safety of the baby during sleep.
  • Choose a mattress that will not spare a gap more than 125” in the crib.
  • Check the depth and thickness of the mattress.
  • Researchers have shown that a firm and flat surface crib reduces the risks of SIDS. Therefore select a mattress that is firm and flat enough to ensure a safe healthy and risk-free sleep for your baby.
  • An important factor that every person consider is the pricing of these mattresses. Choose a mattress that has all the above features and which is cost effective for you.

Different Types of Crib Mattresses

Just like any other thing the mattresses also have different types based on manufacturing. You can buy a ‘Foam mattress, Innerspring, and organic mattresses.’ The abundance of mattresses brands manufactures and provides these types of mattresses. So you can choose any type of mattress according to your requirements.


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