Tips to Have Energy Efficient House under Your Budget

Tips to Have Energy Efficient House under Your Budget

Heating costs are a big loss for many people and it is possible to live without a head heating systems in modern time. It is not so easy especially during the cold. If you have small children and older family members in your house, the cold season could be very harmful for them, so instead of trying to save some money by turning off the heating system off, make your house is more energy efficient one. Here I will share a few tips with you, so that you can have such a house with costing you a fortune.

Attic Insulation

The heat always rises, so if you have absolutely no or inadequate attic insulation in your home, a large amount of heat produced by your main heating system is lost through the attic and the roof of your house. It is fantastic if you are comfortable heating neighbors, but not so good if you want to preserve your health and your money on your house and family. To improve the situation, control exactly how much attic insulation you really need, the minimum insulation you need is 300 mm of mineral wool and if you have less, you will lose heat to some extent.

Check Windows and Doors for Heat Losses

Windows and doors can be another important site of heat loss in your house. There is a new technology for double glazing that really is reliable for energy saving, but if you have older wooden windows, they are probably drafty and do not really save energy. The old windows with good and completely new ones are the perfect alternative, unfortunately, this is an expensive option to take, but it is worth. The cheaper option is to mount the plastic film over your old windows and fix any holes or gaps around the edge.

Wall Insulation

Your house may also lose a large amount of heat if you have bare walls. The houses usually have cavities in walls instead of the older houses that are most likely to have stronger uninsulated walls. It is in both cases possible to insulate the walls and reduce heat loss, so ensure that you inspect the condition of the walls properly.

Serving the Boiler at Least Once a Year

Ideally, a boiler needs servicing every year at least once, especially if you have an old one. The servicing will keep the furnace in good shape, and will reduce the risk of missing parts. If it is not serviced, it will cost you more to heat.


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