Tips to Manage Negligent and Careless Homeowners

Tips to Manage Negligent and Careless Homeowners

When you are managing a community as an active member of a community, you may face a few tough situations such as the denial to pay the monthly fee for a reason he or she consider right; they are called delinquent owners.

So what is the first thing to do to avoid the delinquent owners?

How to avoid the rejection of the administration of the building by the homeowners?

The common sense response has to do with charging all the owners equally and more urgently to the ‘defaulters who owe more’, so that the others may line up and minimize the delinquency.

You know that there is an internal regulation of your building. It happens that neighbors cannot charge the maintenance fees, because among neighbors, there is no right to charge. Neither is the right to charge the administrator of the building, for being a worker or being a service provider before the directive. There is also no right to charge if two or more neighbors meet to demand payment, but they may. Then there goes the thing. It is unfortunate, but you can only do away with the delinquent in the buildings gathering forces of all the neighbors.

It is similar to an association of proprietors, consequently, a directive should be chosen that represents the owners association. Those who conform to this directive should be democratically elected, for example, president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. As a result, it will be the elected policy that assumes the power and right to demand payment of maintenance fees, representing the entire community of neighbors. The delinquent owners will never be able to ask the following;

  • Who are you to charge me?
  • To whose name is the bank account where they ask me to deposit?
  • Who authorized them to charge?
  • Who are you to take the water?

On the other hand, the administrator is a proxy of the directive and assumes the collaboration functions for the collectively. The owners association must choose a directive to represent them for a period of time and voluntarily watch over the good organization and experience of the building and can demand the collection of fees of maintenance on the basis of internal regulations.

This must be understood by all neighbors of the building where you live. Otherwise, even if it sounds hard, it is impossible for your building to improve in terms of payment to recover funds, carry out maintenance, repair, painting of the building, among other important necessities of the place. To learn how to deal with problems legally, you can hire OA companies Dubai as well.


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