Tips to Promote Growth and Strengthen Nails

Tips to Promote Growth and Strengthen Nails

In this article, I will give you some recommendations to promote growth and strengthen nails. Lets’ see how you can keep your nails healthy;

Washing the dishes only once a day and with gloves

Contact of powdered soaps and dishwashing liquids can negatively affect the nails, as the chemical softens them and make them prone to break easily.

To reduce the contact of your hands with detergents when washing dishes, it is suggested to put a large plastic container in the sink or dishwasher and accumulate dirty dishes and rinse there until the night.

If you still need to scrub several times a day, it is recommended to wear latex protective gloves and, below these, thin cotton gloves. The latter fulfills two functions as to serve as a greater barrier against detergents and to help absorb sweat which soaks the hands and weakens the nails.

Consume Protein

Nails and hair are made of protein. If, for some reason, it is observed that the nails that were strong are becoming weak, fragile or peeling, it is necessary to check your protein intake and include soybeans and white meats.

Consuming Fatty Acids

To ensure the health of the nails and skin, it also requires the essential fatty acids found in eggs, nuts, vegetables, butter and whole milk. Also, they are part of supplements like flaxseed oil or linseed.

Repair Them Quickly

If a nail breaks, cuts or clean it immediately, so that it will not get stuck with anything and break even more. However, if you want to save it, you should apply some nail glue to the tear and then put a piece of paper taken from a tea bag on top. It is expected that the glue will dry completely and polish the surface of the nail with a fine suede without removing the paper. Finally, apply a layer of clear enamel on top of the paper.

Keep Them Short

If the nails break easily, it is best to keep them short.

Don’t Scratch Your Nails!

There are women who, when they are peeling the enamel, have the bad habit of scratching their nails which causes the nail to weaken on its surface.

Limit the use of nail polish remover

Use the nail polish remover in small amounts and not more than once a week, as excessive use will dry the nail.

Don’t use nails as tools!

Nails should not be used as tools to peel off labels, open staples, uncover cans of soda as these activities with nails weaken or even break when used to perform other everyday tasks.

Don’t immerse nails extensively in water!

Prolonged and repeated contact with water causes the nails to break or become brittle, as they expand by absorbing the water and then contract as the liquid evaporates and as the water penetrates the nail and re-emerges repeatedly, the weak parts of the nail weaken further and tend to break.


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