Tips to Stop Mold & Mildew Attacking Leather

Tips to Stop Mold & Mildew Attacking Leather

In general, the best method to stop mold and mildew attacking leather implies storing or placing the items in a moist-free environment. In other words, you can prevent latches and spores of mold from the start if you manage to control the space where you normally keep your leather shoes, bags, belts or furniture.

Besides moisture, the other two elements that contribute to creating the perfect settings for bacteria and fungi are high temperature and poor ventilation. Lastly, spills, spots and blemishes that you ignore instead of wiping of immediately constitute perfect surroundings where mold and mildew thrive.

By Controlling Moisture

Excessive condensation on the walls is usually an indicator that your home needs an additional layer of insulation or repairs. Checking your pipelines for cracks and malfunctions and replacing the worn parts immediately will usually resolve the excessive dampness issue.

However, if the problem persists, then it is very likely that the humidity is caused by poor insulation. Therefore, head down to the local store and purchase protective quality paints and coatings to properly insulate the house. Lastly, verify your ventilation system to ensure a proper air flow inside the structure.

By Ensuring Proper Ventilation

In the normal conditions, the outdoors air is drier than the one inside, which means that the air entering your home takes up excessive moisture and carries it outside.

If it does not occur in your geographical area, then you should consider installing a ventilation system to keep the air moving in and outside the house. Otherwise, during the prolonged wet weather conditions, the poorly ventilated rooms turn out to be very musty and damp and this all will inevitably affect all the leather items inside.

In case you are dealing with this problem on a constant basis in the certain rooms of the house, you should purchase a dehumidifier.

By Keeping Your House Clean

In addition to controlling the moisture levels and ensuring an optimal air flow inside the house, it is equally important to clean your leather items regularly. Certain stains and spills such as the grease blemishes typical for kitchens contain sufficient agents to help mold and mildew grow and flourish. Essentially, the fungi and mold do not take long to develop and start growing, especially during the warm season. Therefore, if you want to stop mold and mildew attacking leather, then clean your home on a regular basis.


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