Tips to Take Care of Automotive Paint of Your Car

Tips to Take Care of Automotive Paint of Your Car

The car is an asset that should be cared properly. However, many car owners do not provide the necessary care. Remember that it is not only an asset but a heritage. The care needs and deserves care inside and outside the body to a purely stay aesthetic and it also has to do with the good performance and resale value of it. If you want to learn how to take care of your car’s paint, consider what is described in this piece of writing.

Vehicle Value

The systematic washing of the body is one of the determining factors that tomorrow will establish the sale value of your vehicle. A good automotive paint generates a positive opinion on the future buyer while a striped, scratched or burnt automotive paint tends to age the appearance of the car.


Automotive paint is nothing more than an acrylic paint baked at high temperatures to derive it in extreme resistance. It consists basically of four layers which are as follows;

  • The wash primer which is used to give adhesion to the metallic parts of the bodywork.
  • The primer which is used to prevent corrosion.
  • The color layer, which brings the car closer to the final result.
  • The lacquer or acrylic lacquer that serves to give brightness and protection to the layer of automotive paint.

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How to take care of automotive paint?

Although the chemical composition of the automotive paint merits a complete chapter to understand it, the necessary care can be listed in a brief paragraph below;

  • Thoroughly wash the body with water and a soft cloth to avoid scratching the varnish.
  • Periodically wash the car’s chassis with water under pressure at least once every six months.
  • Apply products to protect against weathering such as soaps, shampoos, waxes and plush tarpaulins for the bodywork and corrosion products for the chassis.
  • Park your car preferably indoors, if not in the shade. Sunlight quickly degrades the colors, especially the photosensitive ones like yellow, red, orange and some types of green.
  • Avoid putting the car in the water if it is not necessary, even if you do not see it, the water remains in the construction joints, initiating the silent and exhausting corrosive process.
  • Do not park your car under trees and vines; there are some that release resins that can be corrosive to the paint.

Since its inception, the black color was the favorite by Ford, who told the customers to buy a car provided it was black. Chevrolet to compete with the brand also offered them in black. On the hand, white has always been associated with cleanliness. Recently, the white began a tendency to become more commercial color. The new automotive painting processes and materials have taken white color to its peak making them more appealing. The materials of automotive paints have evolved and now there is no doubt as to the care and durability of this color.

Different brands of automotive paints make an annual global study, which examines the different trends in the market in terms of colors, the most recent study ordered by PPG, one of the largest suppliers of automotive paints and other coatings for the automotive industry. PPG says that white is the most popular color in several automotive markets now. According to the company’s study, 35% of the vehicles manufactured in the world for the model of 2015 were white in color.

Trends in Automotive Paint Colors in 2020

Many customers of classic premium manufacturers are betting on individualized colors to differentiate their vehicle from other buyers. Chromatic new trend for the automotive sector is heavily betting on the complex and multifaceted colors.

Classic colors like silver or blue, deepening angles playing with special effects reach a completely individualized tones are used. You may venture into the automotive paint colors that had not been used in the field, such as the boldest shades like bronzes, gold, purple and emerald.

Tips When Choosing Automotive Paint Color for Your Vehicle

The customer is always right, so everyone has their reasons for choosing the color of their car. Here I share a few recommendations to consider when you are choosing the color of your car this time.

  • You should choose the color having evaluated always the safety.
  • Consider the image you want to project for the reason that your car is a reflection of your personality.
  • Popular colors are more commercial colors, color is also a decisive factor when you are reselling your car.
  • It must fit the model. It has evolved over the years, in the case of a classic car, a modern color might not fit very well.

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