Top 3 Gaming Laptops in Under 500

Top 3 Gaming Laptops in Under 500

Gaming experience requires you to have the best of gaming gadgets, as only then you can enjoy playing your favorite games on a better level. For this the help of good gaming consoles can help, but on other hand there are many people who love to play games on their pc, well know what? The time is changing itself now and you can easily play the games on laptops.

There are definite laptops made for playing games, and are known as gaming laptops, now you may ask what is different in them as compared to the normal laptops, the answer is that they have the special cards installed in them that are vital for playing games. Their memories are enchained to ensure that you can play games on them in a better level.

Here you will find a list of gaming laptops that are very good in their performance, and the best thing about them is that they are budget friendly, so even if you are choosing your first laptop you can choose them in order to save money and have better experience at playing games.

I – Lenovo Idea Pad 500

It is priced well for the specifications it is offering you, you will not regret buying it. It is designed for both playing games and consumption of the media, now you know you get a 2 in 1 laptop. It comes with a large 1 TB data disk on which you can save and play your games, all you have to do is plug in the drive’s wire and you are good to go.

II – Lenovo 100 Ideapad

It has a 3mb of memory cache, and on the storage side it comes with a 1tb of drive. You get 2 good things with this laptop, one is the price tag that is really low. It is under 500. The other thing is that it is powered by the Intel core i5 processor that ensures you play your games smoothly even if the game is heavier. You get the guarantee that the laptop will not slow down by excessive programs running and hours of playing games on it.

III – HP Star Wars

You can know the kind of laptop it is when you first hear its name. It is one of the best laptops in its performance from gaming laptops these days. You get this laptop under $500 and you surely get a perfect thing for the money you pay.

Gaming laptops are a must have if you are addicted to playing games, but you don’t have to spend thousands of your money on them, as here you will see a few of the cheapest gaming laptops in terms of the price only.

1 – Toshiba Satellite

If you are looking for a cheapest gaming laptop that will be your first gaming laptop you must go for this one. It has a heavier processor that helps in running extremely heavy games. Not only that as you can also run other programs while playing your game on this laptop. It is under $500 which makes it a good choice even if it’s not your first gaming laptop. You can easily play the current generation games on this laptop without even worrying about its performance and speed.

2 – HP Envy

It is sure that this laptop is a recommended choice for those who are looking to buy a laptop that s under $500. You get more things than what you are paying for if you choose this one. It has 1 TB hard disk on which you can keep the games you love most, and play them whenever you want, now isn’t that amazing? It has a 15.6 touch screen display as well that makes your gaming experience go on to entirely a new level.

3 – Lenevo Idea Pad

If you love Lenovo, you will also love this laptop. Not only the fact that it is under $500 makes it different from others but also the features that it has makes it a tough competitive among the laptops that are higher in price range than this one. It has a feature that many laptops still don’t have, and it’s the presence of VGA card.

4 – Asus X-17

No doubt that it’s another wonder machine by the Asus, and the best thing you get with this is that it’s under $500. The design is slim and sleek which means that you can maintain your style with this laptop also. It comes with i5 Intel processor that is powered with the 5500 graphics now amazing isn’t it? You can play games hours on it without even worrying about it getting hot, now playing games was never easier on laptops before this.

You can see the cheapest gaming laptops available by different renowned brands so stop wasting your money and get the one you like most.


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