Top 3 Gaming Laptops

Top 3 Gaming Laptops

When it comes to gaming there are not just the gaming pcs you can invest on and have fun, as the option of gaming laptops does a great here. Not only they are cheaper but also they save a lot of space that one must look for. The less space they take, means the more control you will have on your gaming, now there are other gaming techs also that you can purchase with your laptops, but only if the gaming laptop you have bought is best, the other tech will serve you best.

1 – Asus S3

If you are searching for an Asus laptop under $500, this is the one you must go for.  It is budget friendly and the features you get with this laptop are also mind-blowing so there is no worrying at all. It functions with a 5th generation Intel core processor that promises you will run the games smoothly on it. Other than this you get the ram with F55LA that is a big yes with this model of laptop. The display and resolution of this laptop is also amazing.

2 – Asus X-17

Another wonder machine by Asus, examine its price and then have a look what it is offering, and surely you will be impressed. It is slim and sleek in the design that will surely get your attention at the first glance. Now you know that the price you will be spending on it will be less than $500, which is also a plus in its own. It has a powerful I5Intel 5-200U processor which is built in with the 5500 graphics and to complete the laptop you get ddr3 ram and the large 1 terabyte hard drive. Now playing games was never easy like this.

3– HP Star Wars

The name tells it all, this is surely one of the best gaming laptops to come in the market, and the other thing that separates t from other gaming laptops is that it Is under the price of $500. You must know that this laptop is included in the special edition with Hp, so you must get this one before it gets out of stock. It will easily run the current generation games and you get 1 TB drive with it, which means that you can store almost every game that you love on this laptop.

This was our affordable gaming laptop list, so you can choose one for yourself.


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