Traditional and Homemade Pizza Flavors

Traditional and Homemade Pizza Flavors

Depending on the area and the place where the traditional pizzas are baked, the flavors may change slightly, and there are popular pizzas known in any region of the world. It is very important the type of oven where the dough is baked, including the traditional electric oven of any conventional kitchen, and the stone oven used in professional pizzerias and the wood oven. Each one will provide a different taste and flavor as well as greatly influence the hands of the mixer or pizza maker.

There are some well-known pizza flavors that represent regional areas such as the following;


Being well present in tropical pizza, it is made with its main ingredient such as pineapple and depending on the area with some characteristic citrus.


It is so rich and characterized by its unmistakable barbecue sauce and its international barbecue pizza is served in the main pizzerias.


With the well-known American pizza made with meat and cheese and its famous American sauce, it is so famous in the international cuisine.


Highlighting the carbonara pizza with its base of mushrooms, onion, bacon and its inseparable cream, white sauce or cream that gives it that tasty touch.


Having the margarita, it is one of the most outstanding flavors formed by tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.


It is represented by excellence in four pizza cheeses with its main ingredient so indispensable in any other specialty.


Its greatest exponent is the chocolate, so it is acclaimed by children being able to make it with chocolate sauce, nutella, cocoa cream, or any other chocolate derivative.


It is made from various ingredients of the garden such as red and green pepper, onion, tomato, mushrooms, asparagus, aubergine, zucchini, etc. To try it, we can do it in a vegetable pizza that is very demanded by many women thinking about their reduced contribution of calories or vegetarian people.


With ingredients as tasty as chicken, beef, bacon it is used in many recipes of famous pizzas such as the American or barbecue. Pizza should not be considered as a fast food.If you have the will and the creation, you are looking for some information, you can make this meal with all the healthy ingredients that your body needs on a daily basis.


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