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Tricks And Tips For Using Cyanoacrylate, Aka Super Glue

Tricks And Tips For Using Cyanoacrylate, Aka Super Glue

Cyanoacrylate, also known as super glue, is one of the most powerful adhesives that have reached to the domestic use. People use this product happily without being aware of what is in their hands, maybe if it hits a lot, but they usually do not know about its multiple uses and its chemistry.

It strikes so much as to support 350 kg per square centimeter and dries in seconds, the very reason that has turned it into what it is. It is so fast that there is no rectification time, so be clear of the type of surfaces and the environment of the site when you paste it.

There are many variants of this product for industrial use, with much more power and characteristics more specific than the one of domestic use. Super glues are used in making of puppets, decorated items and for all type of models.

Its history is very interesting, in 1942 during World War II, the chemist Harry Coover came across this compound experimenting for Eastman Kodak company. He was looking for transparent plastic materials for telescopic rifle sights, so he obviously discarded that highly sticky liquid. In 1951, working together with Fred Joyner, he again encountered the same component, and this time he was in search of plastics for aircraft cockpits. This time together they decided to investigate that compound until 1958 patenting as the Eastman 910, a very special glue.

Its behavior on setting is totally opposite to most adhesives and instead of drying, it solidifies upon contact with the hydroxyl ions contained in the water or the ambient humidity. That’s why it so well and dangerously strikes our skin for the reason that it contains water. Joining your fingers with this liquid glue is not a good idea.

It was used in Vietnam to close wounds and to perform a hemostasis, something that was discovered investigating as a result of seeing climbers use this glue to close wounds in their hands and thus continue ascending. However, this compound is toxic and this type of practice was banned until compounds with lower toxicity such as Braun’s n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate or 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate used in various sutures were discovered.

When crystallizing by moisture, apply it to clean surfaces will improve the setting. To glue porous materials or in certain cases where it does not stick well, it helps to put a thin layer of toilet paper between the two surfaces to be glued. However, it is not always effective.

When it comes to cleaning the super glue, it will depend a lot on the type of surface but the procedure is the same, the use of acetone, remember that this substance is very abrasive and if the surface has been colored chemically, it can be discolored. It can be used in cars, almost all floors and on wooden tables with delicacy.

You just rub a cotton with enough acetone and then with a razor blade or a spatula as it needs to be scraped so that the residues of super glue are released completely. This procedure can also be used for plastic but remember that it is a strong abrasive, and if the plastic has been colored, it may lose some of that color.

I guess you have been waiting to know how to remove super glue from your favorite pair of jeans that has become a hard spot of super glue and that does not even with thousands of washes come out. I will not lie to you that it is not easy, but you can hide it enough and you need an old toothbrush and acetone.

Take the garment and soak the area with acetone and with the brush, rub it delicately, do it in front and back and spend some time and patience in this work. It may not disappear completely, but it will dim almost imperceptibly.

If the super glue has fallen on any surface, do not mistreat it basically in these cases, you have to arm yourself with patience, acetone, warm water, soap, moisturizing cream or baby oil.

Never use it in an invasive way in the skin although during the Vietnam War, it was used to close wounds but it was because of the precarious situation.

Always go to a specialist if you notice an unfavorable reaction or it was ingested by a young child, adult or an elderly person.

If it has penetrated in a mucosa or open wound, you should also consult with a specialist, and it is always good to be cautious. As it is said that prevention is better than cure.

Now that you know how to remove super glue from almost all surfaces, you can use it with confidence, and you can get it from online store at the best price to use at your home. You cannot miss the super glue in home as well as office. Now you may visit TheReviewGurus and see the best super glue products. 


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