Two of the Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners

Two of the Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners

1 – Bissell 9400 Carpet Cleaner

Most of the users say that the performance of Bissell 9400 is what to be expected of the commercial carpet cleaners, and its scrubbers do a great job once you get used to operating this machine. Its water tank is too small resulting in emptying the tank often, and several users have complained about the leakage from the plastic tank. But other than those complaints, the reviews have been very much positive.

This vacuum carpet cleaner will last far longer and perform far better if it is thoroughly cleaned and dried after the usage of every time. You have to make sure that you allow 15 or so minutes to clean up the machine when you are finished with the carpet cleaning task and you will have far better results for a far longer period of time.

Salient Specification

  • It is upright carpet cleaner with 12 amps motor.
  • There are 12 rows of brushes which rotating for deeper cleaning.
  • It can heat water.
  • It cleans the area edge to edge with strong suction.

2 – Bissell 2080 Carpet Cleaner

It is in the list of the best carpet cleaners and it mean that there are a lot good things in this lightweight machine. First of all, this is one of the lightest steam carpet cleaners with a shipping weight of just 18 pounds. It is easy to maneuverer and clean.

Well, the other top-rated carpet cleaners come with a 12-amp motor, in comparison to this model’s 4-amp motor. The cleaning path is only 8-1/2 inch, while others come with a 14-inch path. Its small tank means more trips to the sink, and it is prone to leave the carpets wetter which clearly means more time waiting to dry. It makes a great inexpensive, entry-level model for the people who desire to use a lightweight steam carpet cleaner.


  • It is a great upright steam deep cleaner.
  • It has a dual tank system which has the capacity to contain ½ gallon of carpet cleaning liquid and water while it collects the remains in other gallon.
  • It is very easy to refill as well as empty.
  • Its brush stir the spots powerfully and its cleaning function sucks the debris with ease.
  • It has 8-1/2-inch cleaning path.
  • It has a removable nozzle.
  • It contains a power cord of 20 feet for easy movability.
  • It comes with one-year limited warranty.

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