Types of Grout Cleaners

Types of Grout Cleaners

Homemade Grout Cleaners

The best homemade grout cleaner is simply water mixed with an equal amount of vinegar. This basic homemade solution uses ingredients that you may readily find in your kitchen so you can always come up with this anytime your grout lines need cleaning. This solution can be poured inside a spray bottle and works best for both your tiles and grout surfaces. All you need to do is to spray the mixture directly onto the grout lines and then leave for at least 15 minutes to disinfect the surface. Then use a grout cleaning tool to remove excess dirt and substances.

There are also many other homemade grout cleaners that you can use. Instead of water, some people mix vinegar with lemon juice while others use a blend of baking soda and water. The acidic components of vinegar and lemon juice do wonders in removing dirt and grime. Vinegar and lemon juice both enhance the taste of food and dishes but they are also the perfect pair for cleaning tiles and grout.

Diluting bleach with water is also a great cleaning agent for grout lines. Perfect in dealing with white grout, make a 1:3 ratio; that is, one part bleach and three parts water. Mix together and then use this formula to brush and clean grout. Let the bleach mixture settle on the grout’s surface before wiping off with a clean sponge. This type of grout cleaner, however only works best with white grout as it can affect the shade of colored grout.

Do-it-yourself grout cleaners are not just practical solutions but they’re also environment friendly alternatives in most cases. You use products that are safe for the skin without spending too much; thus, making them the best choices for regular grout cleaning.

Commercial Grade Grout Cleaners

Commercial grout cleaners are available in various grocery and hardware stores. They’re great choices in dealing with stubborn and hard to remove stains as well as mold, mildew and bacteria. A range of choices are available so choose the one that goes with the kind of tiles you have. There are commercial grout cleaners that specifically handle ceramic tile grout lines while there are those made for other types of tiles. Simply follow the directions written on the packaging of the grout cleaner for superior results. You should go through grout cleaner reviews if you choose this type.

Professional Grade Grout Cleaners

These types of grout cleaners can further handle severe stains that both the homemade and commercial cleaners cannot fight off. However, they may also contain harsh chemicals that may emit toxic fumes as well as irritants to the skin. Use protective gear such as gloves and masks when you’re using professional grade grout cleaners. Also try to keep the area well ventilated so the fumes won’t stay and settle inside a particular room. Carefully read and follow the instructions so you’re safe in dealing with these cleaners.


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