Types of Leathers According to Origin & Post-Tanned Treatment

Types of Leathers According to Origin & Post-Tanned Treatment

To protect the leather products that you use a leather conditioner as per the recommendation of experts. To use the right type of leather conditioner, it is necessary that you know the type of leather for better results, so let’s see what types of leather are there.

Types of Leather

It can be classified according to its origin or according to its post-tanned treatment.

According to Origin


This type of skin comes from cows. It is generally opted for skins with a volume and regular thickness, that is to say, that in its entirety has an equal thickness or similar, in this way it is obtained with an easier tanning process and a leather of higher quality is resulted.

Cows and heifers provide a leather of elastic and fine fibers, so that the different elements are made with many details and excellent quality. On the contrary, young bulls contribute to a much thicker and less elastic skin, but it is of very good quality. Bred cattle are preferred to feedlot breeding grounds.


Its thickness and strength are not as good quality as bovine leathers, however, in the area of tanneries, they bring many gains. Two types of skins are distinguished as the front, which results in a light leather, very similar to the goat and the upper part of the hind quarters, where the skin is much thicker and more compact.


These animals are mainly used for the production of wool and meat. However, the leather resulting from them has a very good quality, especially if they come from young sheep. These skins produce shoes, wallets and gloves. The skin has a protective function for the reason that it generates a great amount of hair, as a result, its texture is fine, flexible and pink in color.

According to Post-Tanned Treatment

Baked Leather

This type of leather hardens when introduced into water, which shortens the fibers producing a hard and brittle leather. To make it more resistant, grease or oil is needed.

Dyed Leather

The tanning procedures vary, however, the main feature of this is that the leathers are stained with different products for their decoration.

Patent Leather

The leather is covered by a film of varnish or polyurethane, which gives it a very characteristic shine. Besides being a way to decorate the leather, it waterproofs making it much more resistant.


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