Types of Knives and Their Uses in Cooking

Types of Knives and Their Uses in Cooking

At the time of cooking, various accessories make us perform the task and among them, knives are an essential part of any food preparation process for the reason that they allow cutting, chopping and separating the quantities of ingredients we need. Although we generally do not pay much attention to them and the specific category to which they belong according to their shape and edge, the truth is that these characteristics will depend on their function.

Each knife in particular is designed to perform the specific task and then you will find the most common types, in addition to their use when it comes to cooking. In this post, we will talk about the types of most used knives offered by https://kitchenaidartisan.com/

Chef Knife

Perhaps it is the type of knife that is most frequently found in the kitchen cabinet of a home, but it also offers better possibilities at the time of use. It incorporates a thick blade and a good edge, as well as a firm handle that adapts to the user’s hand. It is a versatile tool that will serve to chop various types of food, from meats, through vegetables to tougher foods, such as nuts. In simple words, it is a multipurpose tool.

Ham Knife

It is characterized by being famously longer than the others that exist on the market. It has a sheet of between 37 to 40 centimeters that is quite narrow, in addition to offering the flexibility necessary to cut thin and uniform sheets. As its name implies, it serve to cut ham or meat in general.

Draper Knife

Its main difference, in relation to the other knives, is that it has a toothed blade. This facilitates the task of cutting bread, pies, flakes, as well as roast meat and some vegetables.

Peeler Knife

This knife is small and has a round tip and a curved and sharp blade. Due to its size, it is mainly used to peel thin-walled medium fruits and also to create the decorations based on these. For choosing the right knife, which suits the various types of preparations we make, is not a simple task. Therefore, it is always advisable to have more than one in the kitchen drawer to use the most appropriate one according to the ingredients that will be incorporated into a recipe.


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