Useful Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom Windows

Useful Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom Windows

The windows of bathroom are the ones to get dirty most as they are stained with soap and other chemicals on a daily basis. If you do not have 100% cotton rags at home to do the bathroom window cleaning, you can use a newspaper. The cleaning of interior glass of the bathroom windows is very good using the same cleaning product of the ceramic plate for the reason that it does not scratch the surface of the glass, but it removes very well the remains of lime and soap, and thanks to its waxes, it allows to keep the windows clean for a longer time.

You have to moisten a cloth in water, and apply a quantity of product to clean the glass-ceramic, extend through the surface of the bulkhead, rubbing stronger in the spots with more resistant spots.

Then you will only have to remove by constantly rinsing with the same shower hose, then dried with a cotton cloth and you will get an impeccable cleaning of the glass of your bathroom window.

Remainders of Adhesives or Stickers on Windows

  • Soak with alcohol or soapy water until completely softened.
  • Use a scraper and glass cutter blade with precise movements on the edge of the stain to eliminate, avoiding scratching.
  • Remove all the remaining paper and if there are still traces of glue, remove with alcohol or acetone.
  • Finally, proceed with the cleaning of glass as indicated in the standard procedures.

Paint or Plaster Stains

In order to remove the paint stains from glass windows, the glass wiper blade can also be used by pressing on the edges of the glass wiper blade. If they are very strong, they can be softened using a cloth moistened with acetone or solvent. Then perform the cleaning of glass window pane as you usually do.

On windows with spots of paint or plaster, if it is a small spot, it is better to remove using the dry scraper, and once removed, proceed with the usual cleaning process.

We hope as always that our tips can help you to know how to clean glass panes of the bathroom windows with our step by step guidelines shared in this post.

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