Vital Info about Using Fabric Softeners

Vital Info about Using Fabric Softeners

There is one good thing about household cleaning products is that there is usually an alternative to them. Do you find yourself using a fabric softener after every wash? If yes, it is monthly expense which you have adjust in your budget. Well, you could save a bit of this expense just from making your very own homemade fabric softener.

There are many good reasons for doing this other than to save a few bucks. Some health concerns are springing up about all of those different brands of fabric softeners out there since there are chemicals involved in every fabric softener brands. I feel it very necessary to let you in on some of the toxins that are found in the most fabric softeners. These chemicals are very dangerous and about some you may already have heard of.

Benzyl alcohol is used probably more often than any other ingredient. Inhaling it can lead to upper respiratory tract problems. That’s something to think about the next time you buy a bottle of fabric softener. Of course, my aim is to show you how to make fabric softener yourself, so you don’t have to.

Have you heard of ethanol? You’ll see this listed on a few gas pumps. Who wants to wear clothes that have been infused with a gas additive? Already you can see why so many people prefer fabric softener that is homemade over the commercial stuff. It’s just better for you.

Natural fabric softeners may not contain all the chemical found in store bought ones, but they are still as good as they are. There’s nothing weak about them. For one thing the ingredients used to make homemade fabric softeners usually absorb odor anyway. Just look at baking soda. My kitty’s litter box is always kept deodorized with baking soda. Many carpet cleaners use it as well to mask odors. Using it for making fabric softener leaves your clothes soft and fresh naturally. Here we cannot forget about the natural antiseptic vinegar. So many homemade remedies of all kinds include vinegar and it even cuts down static buildup in your clothing when they leave the dryer. So while it is easy to purchase a bottle of softener for your laundry, you will be better yourself in the long run with a homemade fabric softener.

A fabric softener is one of the most important items for the people who use the washing machine for washing their clothes. Most of the times people tend to buy the liquid fabric softeners for using while washing the clothes and some of the people also make the fabric softener on their own at home. But still there are many people who do not know the method of making the fabric softeners. For that reason, there are a lot of people who use to ask the experts about how to make homemade fabric softener as the experts are well aware of the know the method of making fabric softeners.

There are many types of fabric softener in the world and different people make different choices for their clothes. There are many people who want to know the quickest way to make a fabric softener in their house by following the easy steps. The shortest one to make the fabric softener is with the use of vinegar. Now the question that arises in the minds of interested people is that how to make fabric softener at home with vinegar and here I am going to tell you the recipe.

In order to prepare this fabric softener, you are required to use 1 gallon of vinegar which is white and you also need 25 to 30 drops of oil for the purpose of fragrance.

Having got the above mentioned items, this will be very easy to make the fabric softener. All you need to do is add both the ingredients in a bowl or a jar and shake it well.  Once you are done shaking them, you are ready with your own homemade fabric softener in no time.

Now you can use this prepared mixture every day when you wash your clothes. You have to add a few drops of the mixture of these two ingredients in the washing machine if there are not many clothes and it will do start doing its magic.

For a full washing machine, you need to add ¼ cup of the mixture in the washing machine with the detergent after putting the clothes in the washing machine. This fabric softener will provide you with the best service for your clothes to make them very soft and silky. I am sure you will be delighted with the results this mixture produces. If you are interested in knowing about commercial products, please visit this site.


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