Vital Instructions to Wash Your Lace Front Wigs

Vital Instructions to Wash Your Lace Front Wigs

To be aware of the ways to take care of lace front wigs is a vital factor to guarantee their application and the useful life. You should follow the proper caring routine to prevent the hair from being mistreated or broken and in this regard washing it in the correct way is of fundamental importance. Here you can read the best recommendations about taking care of your lace front wigs.

Before you wash your lace front wig, you should untangle it gently, always beginning from ends to ends and untangle the part of the bonding with the tips of your fingers. It is very necessary to always untangle the part of the bond to avoid the hair to begin becoming entangled and to forming the small dreadlocks that will be impossible to unravel later.

You should wash your lace front wigs with warm water, preferably every third day. Always make straight strokes, avoid circular movement as it causes the roots to get entangled and fall. You can use a special shampoo for lace front wigs of good quality.

Preferably it has to be a deep moisturizing shampoo. Put the amount of shampoo needed in the palm of your hand and rub it on your scalp and gently sliding it all over your hair to the tips but avoid using too much shampoo; you can also place a small amount of the shampoo in a container and mix with the triple of water, and apply it throughout your hair beginning at the nape of the neck and let it slip to the tips, and never scrub or tighten the hair for the reason that it will cause it to become too tight. Once you have rinsed with the shampoo, you must place a hair conditioner of the recommended marks, since a good conditioner is of utmost importance, only from means to tips without the conditioner touching the scalp, otherwise the bond will loosen quite quickly. Once the hair conditioner is rinsed, it is advisable to use the same way as the conditioner, a suitable cream with approximately leaving for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse. Now gently squeeze your hair and wrap it with a towel to remove excess water.

Now brush the lace front wig with a brush of wide teeth, from medium to tip, always starting from the bottom up. You should never begin to brush an extension of hair near the scalp. In the case of wick extensions, it is necessary to separate each wick one.

Later, with the special brush for lace front wigs, you can brush the attachment points and the scalp without any problem. Since this brush has been designed to not get into the attachment points, it is able to brush your scalp easily. If you do not have this brush, it will be necessary to untangle the attachment points with your fingers.


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