Vital tips to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

Vital tips to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

AC is a blessing in summer days, but it’ll be unusable if it isn’t working properly. And even if it’s working, it might have lost most of its competence. It’s because ACs are usually used in summer and when summer time is gone, they get to wait till next year to be operation once again. In case you’re feeling the heat and have decided to turn AC on, it’s better to take preparatory measures to prevent frustration later.

First of all, any AC unit consists of three main parts, compressor, condenser, and blower. If you have even little knowledge about their functioning, you can do the prep work yourself. There are points to consider so as to prepare your AC for upcoming summer yourself.

Air Filters

This is one of the basic steps while maintaining conditioners. Filters are present in front of the blower. They are easy to wash and can also be replaced. It is recommended to clean these filters at least twice a year as these filters are easily blocked by dust particles forcing the unit to work harder which causes a drop in efficiency and rise in electricity consumption.

Condenser Fan & Grill

Condenser is the outdoor unit with a big fan. A grill is fitted over the fan for protection. Being an outdoor unit, it is more susceptible to environmental pollution. Also, this part takes in hot air from surroundings which is then converted into the cold air. So a dirty condenser means poor overall performance.

Coolant Lines

Split AC systems usually have coolant lines that carry air from outdoor unit to indoor unit. These lines are covered with a foam insulation to prevent absorption of heat from outside. In the case of central air conditioning system, ducts are used to channelize the air. These ducts are fixed within the ceiling so it is not possible to properly maintain them. However, you can take care of the visible portion.


Finally, it is time to test the unit. They consume more energy than most household appliances, so make sure all the circuit breakers, plugs, and switches are working properly prior to testing. Once you have turned it on, keep it running for a while. It may take time to start throwing cool air initially so be patient.

You have to care for the above-mentioned things for smooth working of the system. The best way is to hire a licensed technician or service for thorough tune-up.


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