Ways to Care a Log House

Ways to Care a Log House

Today, wood has become a very popular building material for a lot of reasons. It is a natural resource available and it is sustainable, and it is easy to work and money-saving as well.

Wood is a material that is in the natural state and as such is a part of the food of many organisms such as bacteria, fungi and different insects, so the treatments for log houses should be applied from the beginning to avoid the rot produced by the moisture it absorbs due to its porosity. The use of a special varnish, anti-humidity and anti-termite or insect products is a good way to prevent the possible damage to the log house.

The wood cracks if at the time of having painted the surface, this one has not been cleaned correctly, the painting will not last too much. It also occurs when the treatments for log houses have not been done in a proper way or with adequate and quality products.

It should not be forgotten that the climatic factors have a significant influence on the coatings applied on the log house and depending on their effectiveness will be the protection they offer. So there is also the requirement to take the services of a professional when you are carrying out the maintenance of your log houses.

If we talk about the cons of a log house, we know that wood s inflammable and it is a disadvantage as it can get easily ignited, and it’s a very combustible material that facilitates the propagation of fire. So as to prevent or at least minimize the risk, there’re coatings applied to the wood impregnated with substances or varnishes containing diammonium phosphate, ammonium tetraborate, sodium acetate, alkali silicate and borax to reduce the formation of flammable gases, protecting it besides the high temperatures.

Noise transmission is 50% higher with the structure of wood in relation to the concrete, the latter provides greater acoustic insulation with regards to the temperature. While the log houses are warmer during the winter, they’re warmer during the summer as well.

There are some woods like chestnut, oak, juniper, cherry and cedar which give a greater resistance than the others, but of course, the value of them is much higher than that of the pine wood. I think it is enough for you to understand how you can take great care of you log house.


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