Ways to Get Followers on Instagram

Ways to Get Followers on Instagram

If you are willing to make money on Instagram, it’s important to increase your popularity. In this post, you’ll learn the tips about increasing the number of followers and how to make money on Instagram in easy steps.

Frequent Posting

Don’t let your account to be displayed as idle but update it frequently and try to establish a routine for uploading. Perhaps you are more comfortable doing certain hours of the day or certain days a week. The important thing is that it does not take much time to have and upload pictures. If you do not regularly publish photos, many users might think that you no longer use Instagram, so that they continue showing interest in following you. When you have frequent activities, you have higher chances of making money on Instagram.

Upload the Best Ones

Your iPhone or Android phone can take lots of pictures in a few minutes, but that does not mean you should share all in Instagram. In contrast, select and publish only the best ones. Remember that thousands of photos are published every day in this network, so you should draw the attention of others through quality and interesting photos.

Always avoid repeating the same subjects, objects and places, and definitely do not post too blurry, dark or no context pictures that stand out over others.


Instagram is a social network that favors originality and creativity. Try taking several photos that you are used to make with traditional digital cameras. Having a camera that is always with you on your mobile device lets you capture unique and unrepeatable moments. Use these opportunities to share in Instagram.

Try taking pictures in color as well as in black and white. Then compare your results and see how your fans respond to them. You can also try with special optical lenses that fit your mobile phone. These could give results impossible to achieve without using them.

Use Photographic Mobile Applications

Creative filters in Instagram will help you give your photos look different than usual. However, these are not the only filters that you can use. If you use Instagram in combination with other mobile applications to take and share pictures you’ll have more creative options for your images.

Download, install and use one or more applications before sharing your photos on this network. You can use different filters and frames to get images that would not get through the sole use of Instagram.


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