What are Android Emulators?

What are Android Emulators?

As viewed so far, the Smartphone usage is not now restricted to interact with your friends only, it has been used to make your life more organized and help you manage your schedules. They are not limited to chat only, as they are used by professional’s to remain in touch with workplace.

The Software which has allowed users to access android features, apps on their PC and laptop are known as emulators in simple words. Some of most popular emulators are added here.

Amy Duos

One of the preferred emulator, as said by users is Amy duos. It is considered reliable to play your most favorite games. Users are having unlimited choice of choosing their favorite apps as the program allows unlimited apps to download on your PC and playing them without worrying about increased thermal temperature of  PC. You are able to find its download page on Google and then installing it is very easily guided. Once it’s installed, just download your favorite apps and start using them without your Smartphone.


Nox is loved by user’s who prefer to run multiple apps at one time. It does not restrict you about opening a new app while another is running, the new app appears on the new window without closing the existing app. You are able to work and entertain at the same time. If you are enabling emulator to run on full size windows, you will notice no bad resolution or graphic problems. You are able to view details of your apps which are missing on Smartphone only with this emulator.

Blue Stacks

It is recommended for the new users as downloading and then installing it is simple. You are able to access your favorite apps free of cost by simply signing into your existing Google account or in case of having none you can make one on emulator. It is recommended because you are able to access your game from where you have left it. You are able to download games as well as entertainment apps easily now.


If you have not downloaded any emulator, you must go with this emulator as it is compatible with different devices and windows. You are able to access your WhatsApp on PC and taking your pictures is easy with it, as it uses your computer camera. You enjoy more by sharing the pictures and screen shots taken by you while playing your favorite apps.


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