What are Custom Dab Rigs?

What are Custom Dab Rigs?

C2 custom creations were recognized in sunny North Hollywood and California. Custom Creations has been known for creating high quality work. Their many years of knowledge has helped them to perfect the process of gusting glass, building methodical bubblers, dab rigs, recyclers, and water pipes. Many brands carry a collection of reasonable C2 custom creation glass.

There are many ways to take custom creation dab and many tools to get the job done. Here I will discuss the most general method and tools like burning herb, and dabbing it requires a few special tools.

Water Pipe

The focal one being a water pipe, or in this case a dab rig. It is preferred to use a justly small piece with not too much dispersal to get the finest flavors from your oil. The only real alteration between dab rig and water pipe is that a dab rig comes fortified with a male joint also mentioned as Direct Insert.

Dome and Nail

Subsequently, you will required a dome and nail, which is frequently included with a dab rig setup. There are so many types of nails, counting dome fewer nails, which do not need a dome.

For this, you will need a butane torch that must be large enough to heat your nail. Maximum people custom a Vector Nitro but there are so many other options.


To expose oil onto the nail, you will need a dabber. It is recommended to use a pointed a ballpoint titanium dabber. Glass dabbers and further odd formed dabbers incline to leave too much waste.

Vital Oil

Last and most prominently you will need some vital oil or oil distillates. Essential oils are the flavors and oils rigorous from basils.

How to Use?

  • Firstly, take your custom dab rig and fill it up with sufficient water to bubble when you jerk air through it but not enough to squelch water into your mouth.
  • Next take your nail and put it to privilege the joint.
  • Grip your dabber and expose a small dab of oil. You only need a small quantity; the size of a bee or even slighter should be sufficient. Try to keep the oil very close to the dabber, so it simply drips off whenever you need to dab.
  • Grasp your torch and heat the nail. Always look the torch flame away from your glass or you will crash it.
  • When it starts to turn orange, stop heating and place the dome over the nail onto the joint. Wait for 10 to 40 minutes for your nail to cool to the finest temperature. This is dissimilar for every nail. The lengthier you wait, the healthier the flavor of the oil, but if you wait too long, it will not vaporize your whole custom dab.
  • When you have waited for the nail to cool to the best temperature, start to pull air through your custom dab rig gradually and put the oil close of your dabber on the head of the nail over the hole in the top of the dome.

You may want to get one also, so you can grab the dab rig deals which you can find at very low cost.

Dab rigs are used to enable different concentrates and extracts from the water pipe which is better than smoking directly as it can affect the health in a negative way.
People have shifted to alternative ways to have a great experience with the herbs and other extracts which should be less harmful to lungs and other body organs, but buying a rig is not an easy task as most of the people are not aware of the facts about the rig. To buy a rig the person should be properly informed of the functions about the rig whether it will be of a good quality or not.

The person should consider the following important questions in mind before purchasing the rig;

  • Is it expensive?
  • Is it reasonable?
  • Will it function properly?
  • Can I have the pleasure of the rig at low cost?


The cost of rig can differ as the one selling it online will have less expenditures and the one selling it in a shop would sell the rig at a higher cost as he has to pay utility bills and other expenses.

While the person buys the rig, he should keep in mind that it consists of three components and should be careful buying them according to need. The nail is the component which is available in quartz, glass titanium and ceramic, and the best will be the one which does not get affected after heating.

To nail is a good option as the heat does no damage to it, but it may get to hot state which can be a problem for the new users and it can also be a problem for the regular user too. In such case, quartz nail is a good option, but there is a problem to the quartz nail that it never gets heated properly and may cool down immediately, and this may be frustrating for the user as it would never result in a good experience and the expensive concentrate and the experience goes in vain.


Using a domed toe nail is a better option; if the person is stoned, it will not harm the person’s hand and will give a better experience than the other nails such as quartz nail. The last component is the torch which should definitely be used without fuel other than the usage of butane, propane can be really harmful and is not a good thing to keep around. A small torch will be fine as carrying it would not be an issue.

Most Suitable One

The most suitable rig should consist of a small water pipe with a dome and the nail for a good and easy experience. Some regular users may have a different taste which is totally fine as they are much more experienced than others, but even the new users can dislike it.

Here I am sharing a source from where you can choose the dab rig deals.


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